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The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
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Old 09-15-2017, 02:38 AM

Dear Universe,

Please! I cannot put it into words, just, please. For God's sake. Make this work out the right way.


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Old 11-19-2017, 09:35 PM

Dear Self,

You have 2 more days to teach and then you have Thanksgiving break. I know it's only a 3 day break - but it is going to be glorious. These next 2 days of teaching might seem daunting...but girl, you can do this! You got this!


faerie graveyard
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Old 11-22-2017, 11:30 AM

Dear Doctors/PAs,
I suffered for months because you told me my pain was heartburn. You made me get an endoscopy which found nothing. Ended up in the ER because of the pain.
Turns out I have a rather large gallstone.
Thanks for dismissing my pain until I was literally hunched up crying unable to eat, smoke (and people who know me IRL know I will keep smoking until I have to stop), and barely able to move. No position was comfortable. I have trouble sleeping. Taking ibuprofen helped the littlest bit but every time I'd have an "attack" I just assumed it was heartburn or my bed being crappy. because thats what they kept telling me. They were seriously wrong.

Now I know better. I'm never, ever going to see a PA instead of a doctor again, even if she has more availability. & I don't have to wait four hours (sometimes I'd be in their office in the waiting room after 'closing' waiting for the doctor when I had an appointment at noon, but at least he's competent & thorough).

- a pissed off and in pain young lady

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Old 12-17-2017, 07:20 PM

Dear Life,
I am sooo just about fed up with you!
I just want to give the fuck up on everything!
The BF and I are on opposite sides of the universe lately, Sarah has been impossibly noisy and aggravating and I feel like I am a burden and nuisance to my granddaughter's parents while I stay with them during my recovery from heart surgery.
If it weren't for Hope telling me how much she loves me, I would have found a way to release myself from my misery.
I find it amazing how much strength a 5 year old's love can give...
I really wish I could just die in my sleep and be done with it all...but I don't want to abandon Hope in these tender young years of her life!
Instead, I am bitter and angry at you, Life, for not being nicer to me.
Sadly and bitterly your's,

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Old 12-30-2017, 07:30 AM

Dear Life, aren't getting any easier to live!
I am so ready to check out and leave it all behind!
I just want to write a very long letter to Hope to tell her how much she has meant to me...but that you have made me hurt for so long, in so many ways, that I just can't bear to wake up and face another day!
Hope is the only thing that has kept me from killing myself...knowing that she would be devastated by my sudden disappearance from her life.
But you, life, have become so painful that I feel like Hope will just have to understand the best she can...and I just want to die!
I want to stop feeling like I adversely affect everybody in my I am always in somebody's I am overstaying my welcome.
I am so done!
I have avoided making a plan...because I know that if I make one, I will carry it out.
Fuck you, Life!

Dottie Mae Evans
*~It's all good~*
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Old 03-07-2018, 02:35 PM

Dear Herr Buster (Mr. Buster)*

I already asked why you proposed to me back in June or July of 2017. Honestly, no logical person proposes to someone and dumps them when things get worse for their future partner. You knew what you were and I tried my hardest to give you all needed warnings. I tried to warn you that my family is abusive. I am surprised you stuck out this long, and then decide to dump me when I am at the lowest. Dang... I wasn't quick to give up on you, but you were so quick to give up on me.

What is really messed up is, you know I say unintended things out of emotion. You knew that since you claimed you knew me better than I know myself. Also, since you claim you can read people so well, then you know I was so confused. Ugh... It isn't like I didn't notice your flaws. Instead of being cruel, I let a lot of things slide. I let them slide because you were emotionally abused way worse than I was in some ways.

I had slight flashbacks of my emotionally and mentally abusive late grandma. In some ways, you remind me of her... [:'(]

Both of y'all hate to be proven wrong. Both of y'all hate to lose in an argument. Both of y'all have worse anger issues than I'll ever have. My issues are due to an abusive family environment. I am unsure about you though. You have given me slight warning signs about your personality. I failed to heed the warnings. :S

What really alerted me was some of your life's backstory. At least you'll advance academically and not 'quit' on life. My late grandma 'quit' on life. :S Sigh... We were not meant to marry each other. We were only together long enough for both of us to advance on our own.

You said you didn't need me, well... actions speak louder than words, Buster. I should have said that when you kept telling me that. I decided not to beat you down. Other people that did already.

You said you weren't happy with me. Hopefully, you find the happiness you wanted with that other person. I am going to move on and once I become esstranged from somewhere, I will not return to them. I am not the kind of person to beg someone to come back to me. I'm pretty you're not that type either. Yet... why did you stay in a 5-year abusive relationship before me? Why did you give that horrible person so many chances but yet barely gave me any chances? Ugh... Maybe you're not 'mature' enough for me.

Go be happy and successful. Just don't feel some kind of sour when you come back wanting to be with me. I might be with someone else or married. I am not leaving my spouse to make you happy. You had your chance and it's gone.

I didn't give up on you, you gave up on me.

Go be free Buster... I will not be a bother to you anymore. Just remember at least you still have family that can and will help you. I don't because I risked it all just for you! -_-; Yes, they were toxic... But at least you have family at the end of the day. >_<'

Be free,


*His name has been changed to protect his identity. XD! Like he'll stumble upon Mene anyway...

sassy and crafty
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Old 03-07-2018, 07:52 PM

Dear Dad
there are so many things i wish i could tell you. so many things you have missed. mom isn't doing good since you have been gone, she barely leaves her room. Dawn found a nice guy, but then he turned out to be a complete jerk, leaving her for a biker gang. Williams health seems to be getting worse. he is constantly in and out of the hospital because of throwing up blood. and they still haven't figured out what is wrong with him. the girls, Serria, Shyann, and Kiara are getting so big. Serria will be 18 this year. it is so hard to believe how big they are. Shyann is already in high school. and Kiara is turning into such a beautiful young lady. Russell and I bought a house. or his parents bought it for us and we are paying them the mortgage. we got a dog. his name is max, but i think he hates me, he is always growling at me. although it seems to be getting a little bit better. the boys are all getting big too. Hunter is calming down a bit, but i think that is because Jordan scared him to death. but i'm not going to go into that on here. William jr is looking more and more like his daddy every day, and he has a heart of gold. Rusty has been having some issues in school. he seems to have an attitude problem. he just explodes and tips tables, throws chairs, hits and kicks the teachers. i think he is suffering from anxiety. plus he has been bullied since he was in kindergarten, i think he is just now tired of it all and tired of the teachers not listening to him. the kids pick on him, and don't let him have turns with anything. but he is getting so big. he is almost as tall as i am now. he loves soccer, and legos. he is great with math and science, but struggles with his reading. Taylor has lost about 5 teeth now. he is finally potty trained. for the most part anyway. hes really good with math, and science, and he loves the power rangers, and YouTube kids. I miss you more and more each day. i can't believe it has been over four years since you've been gone. it seems like just yesterday you were walking me down the aisle. i love you so much.

faerie graveyard
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Old 03-13-2018, 01:39 PM

dear boyfriend,

i am so tired of the piles of trash you leave despite me giving you like 4 different trash cans to put places.
buy me a fancy lunch.
i'm sick of your gross pizza.

love, a pissed off/fed up girlfriend

The Wandering Poet
Captain Oblivious

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Old 03-13-2018, 04:49 PM

Dear House,

Please have no issues... I wanna buy you. I know you're expensive and stuff but I really like you and I can afford you as long as you're not riddled with repairs.


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Old 03-23-2018, 10:29 PM

Dear Life,
You still suck sewer water and I suspect you always will.
I just go through the motions to make it through each day.
Oh well....~me

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Old 05-05-2018, 12:33 AM

Dear Life,
I hate being alive and wish I was dead.
That is all.

P.S. Pass me a pack of cigarettes, would ya?

(づ ̄ ³ ̄) ...
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Old 05-05-2018, 02:54 PM

Dear Myself,

Remember to study!!! Even though the long work days are tiring and all you want to do is eat dinner and jump into bed, study little by little so there does not need to be intense sleep-deprived cramming at the end.




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Old 05-08-2018, 11:50 PM

Dear Mene,
Live!! Please live!
I will be sad if you die.

Dear Inso,
Please don't dessert us!

:( :( :(

(づ ̄ ³ ̄) ...
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Old 05-09-2018, 01:03 AM

Dear Menewsha,

What Roachi said.

The Serpent Bride

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Old 05-14-2018, 07:04 AM

Dear Users,

I lub joo. Wait. I think I can send that one. XD

Eternal Lurker
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Old 11-03-2018, 03:08 PM

Dear ___,

I know you're still reeling from the hurricane so I won't even try to bring this up to you in person, but it's been almost two years since you've contacted me. You've replied to my texts, sure, a few days after I've sent them, but you used to be so big on reaching out to me and organizing Skype chat nights. Ever since I've moved, you've gone practically radio silent, and I hate it.

But what I hate even more was your reaction to me moving. "Well, at least Orlando is a good place to be homeless in." were your exact words, if memory serves. No matter how many times I tried to point out that I had a home promised there, you argued that it would be taken away. You don't know my boyfriend's mother, but you spoke of her eagerness to get rid of me with such conviction. You also told me my boyfriend would get tired of me, and search for a better girlfriend in a larger city. What did I say to make you distrust him? And you, you college educated woman, why are you so against me going to university myself? "You could go to the community college in town, and get an apartment there." was your counter, as if we somehow lived in an area that wasn't a redneck infested dying town. (Also why would I move out... only to stay within an hour from my parents?)

Honestly, if you were sad to see me go, that's ok. we've both shared the misery of losing friends to better towns, but you didn't have to construct bogeymen to try and scare me away from leaving. All that did was make me resentful. I miss talking to you, but you made it so hard to try and reconnect. I get that losing a friend's presence sucks, but really, are you actually losing that much? You lived so far out of town from me that most of our communications were via text. We could have made things work, easily.

I know you've spent a lot of time playing off of me being the 'stupid young fangirl' friend to your more mature and wizened self image, but I need to grow up, and I don't see why that should involve cutting off contact with you. But it's exhausting being the one trying to keep the friendship alive all on my own. You were my only friend for a while, and I don't want to take all you've done for me for granted.

I just want my friend back.

Little birdie ♥

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Old 11-21-2018, 01:35 AM

dear friend,
holidays seem so sad.
love always

Bumbling Gay
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Old 05-07-2020, 03:29 PM

Dear Tyler,

I wish you could see your worth. You are such a wonderful friend and a wonderful woman; you don't deserve the abuse your boyfriend gives you. You don't deserve to be mentally abused, to be told that you're worthless and that you don't matter. You deserve somebody who cares, not someone who you put all your time and effort into constantly only to be told you don't matter. You deserve somebody who isn't controlling. Someone who doesn't literally monitor your every move in secrecy to be sure you're being a good little girlfriend who doesn't talk badly about him. Someone who won't punish you for having friends or try to isolate you from them. It kills me that you don't see how fucked up all this is. I've been crying on and off for 36 hours now, wishing I could save you. I could point directly to the exact page in the Abusive Partner's Handbook that he is working off on.

You're my best friend in the world. You mean so much to me and others. I feel like I'm letting you down every minute of every hour of every day that I haven't gotten through to you to show you how this is KILLING you and how you deserve sooooooo much better. You're so fucking smart. So socially intelligent and sensitive. I know you know he's a bad dude who hurts you constantly. I know you know this. You've admitted as much to me. I KNOW you know what a piece of shit he is. I know you know I know you know I know you know I know you know I know you know

I'm rooting for you. I'm never going to give up on trying to find a way to protect you from his abuse. I'm never going to give up on you, Tyler.


Kaderin Triste
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Old 05-07-2020, 03:50 PM

Dear MP,

I find it ironic that you mock the "easily offended" people, yet you read pages more into something I said than I actually meant and decided to end a friendship based entirely on a perceived negative comment on art. ART for fuck's sake! I could see if you were actively doing something with your art, but as far as you ever let on, you weren't. You were throwing it away. Literally. Like you told me that after a sketchbook was full, you'd just throw it out. So I'm calling bullshit on your pathetic excuse for ending our friendship. There was something else going on. Something else that you were too damn scared to confront me with. But clearly you wanted out, so I wasn't going to stand in your way. I just wish you'd had the decency to talk out the problems with me first. Let me know what I'm doing wrong instead of snapping at me with some bullshit thing that you read way too much into. Say something. Anything. Let me at least clarify what I meant instead of jumping to your own wrong conclusions. Idiot. You really are a walnut.

I hope you get your shit together someday and stop being a dumb kid,

Bumbling Gay
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Old 05-12-2020, 07:10 PM

Dear Mother,

I really fucking hate you. You have no idea the misery that I go through life with because of you. Of course you don't. That would require some sort of self-awareness about your actions and the pain they bring literally everyone who ever has the fucking misfortune of knowing you. Your narcissistic bullshit is neverending.

I hate that you did what you did to me. I hate that I was too afraid to stand up to you for years. I hate that I let you in my mind. I hate that I let you manipulate and use and abuse me. And I hate that it took you literally threatening to kill me for me to finally say enough is enough.

I hate you.

Captain Pains
Ouja Akuma
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Old 11-06-2020, 07:18 AM

Hello to you, The Laziest Employee:

I lost my management position because of you. All because I voiced I'd terminate your employment over your consistent calling out tenancies of the lamest kind. You have 0 right to be allowed the shifts that you do when there are others who need those hours more than you. You're severely disliked by nearly everyone yet you probably wank off someone to keep your job. If you pull that same shit anywhere else, you would be fired. You have it SO well here because...well I don't know how you keep this job. My future with the company ended because of you. Get mad, stay mad. Use my words to teach yourself to be more responsible, more reliable. Maybe you can become more respectable but then again, you wore a dog collar from your (now ex) boyfriend. You do you, but that wasn't work appropriate and I cant believe they let you get away with that.

But whatever. It's done. I wash my hands clean from that company. I wash my hands free from you.
I will always remember your name. You will never be employed at any place I work at because I don't think you will ever change. I can at least go to bed knowing I'm making something of my life versus you, always finding an excuse to do the bare fucking minimum. And you're older than me. Thanks for at least being a model of what to not be as an adult.


Spooky Action at a Distance
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Old 12-15-2022, 04:15 AM

Dear Transphobic POS,

I don't know why people like you try to act like an ally. It's so clear that you're a wolf in sheep's clothing. How dare you act like you're my friend, only to misgender me behind my back and then try to get people to stop talking to me?! Like, not only is that so incredibly immature, but it's HURTING the trans community. People like you don't deserve to have the nice people you have as friends...

If you had a problem with me, you should have acted like an adult and come to me. You should have told me your problem instead of randomly blocking me and then running to all of my friends and misgendering me ON PURPOSE and then trying to get them to stop talking to me... If you were a REAL friend, you would have tried to salvage the friendship first before going behind my back.

I know I was difficult. I know that things were hard and I understand that it's hard to watch someone struggle... but you going behind my back like that was low down. It's worse than kicking me when I'm down... It's goddamn PUSHING me down and THEN kicking me while I'm down. I don't know what exactly you said to my friend, but he's a REAL friend and told me that you misgendered me on purpose and that you tried to spread lies about me to him...

Your reasoning for misgendering me is so f-ing transphobic too. I don't even think you realize that you're a transphobe. I wish other people could see you for who you truly are.... I could be just as petty as you, and DM all of your friends and tell them how transphobic you actually are. And I have the proof as well. I could very easily ruin your friendships, but I'm not like that. If I had a problem with you, I would have come to you about it first. I would have tried to save our friendship... And to think, I shared so much of my intimate life with you. I shared details I haven't shared with anyone else... Why? Because I thought you understood me and I thought you actually cared.

But I was wrong. You're just a transphobe on the internet who acts like you're an ally, when you're actually just transphobic. The truth is, I do hope your friends eventually see how bad of a person you are. You don't deserve to talk to the nice people that I talk to. You don't deserve to have people care about you because you clearly don't care about others... I hope that the people that you talk to see you for who you truly are.

I'm not even mad that you blocked me. I understand that sometimes blocking people, especially strangers, is the best thing you can do for your own mental health. But I thought we were friends. We talked about so much together and I told you many secrets that I haven't told anyone else... If you wanted to block me, I wish you had been mature enough to tell me why.

It's whatever now. I just hope that you eventually reap what you sow.

Dottie Mae Evans
*~It's all good~*
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Old 12-18-2022, 03:01 PM

Dear BioMom,

I wish you were more honest with me. You were my first bully. You didn't love me. I only have a few positive memories with you. That's very sad. People tell me I should keep in contact with you. Why though? You were nothing but a bully and fiend to me.

You treated me less than since the day I was born. My autism was just an excuse for you to treat me like -censored-. I felt unsafe around you but I had to spend time with you because YoUr ArE fAmIlY! Awwwwww please... That's not cool. You contributed to my intimacy issues, lack of sexuality, and possibly why I have the gender identity issues I have.

You tried to -censored- my boyfriend. He left because what else someone six years younger than me supposed to do.

Jokes on you, I reconnected with him. I fight flashbacks daily of you telling me he'll leave me.
I want NOTHING to do with you, BIOMOM!

There's a reason you haven't met everyone I know because you're a cruel person. You're a -censored-. I'm in my mid thirties and have to recover/heal from decades worth of abuse. You also lied to my about who my Dad was. Why did you lie? Was it because of your trashy friends? Was it because he wasn't light skin enough? :( Why?

Why do you hate part of yourself? Why are you jealous of me? You could've achieved the same stuff I did. It's the company you keep. If your only responsible friend can make it, you could've as well. I love me, I love my Black culture, I love my frizzy hair, and I love who I love. If you don't like it, too bad.

I will always love you, but your behavior is horrible. I did the right thing by going no contact. I had to go no contact with almost all my maternal side with the expection of a few cousins, my great aunt/adopted mom, and a few aunties.

If you ever do read this, please don't hurt anyone else. Forget I exist and I'll do the same thing. Easier said than done but it will happen. :)


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