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Keara might not have known what everyone's powers were but she was pretty good at remembering who the trouble makers are. It wasn't the fact that she insisted on putting her self in danger, it was more like she rather does her job and actually has nothing to do with anyone. After all, she already had the urge to take her gloves off and burn them, scrub herself raw and never leave her room, but she promised her friends and the headmistress that she would try to over come to her issues. "Calcifer." she could hear the sound of slight anxiety begin to enter her voice as she was starting to reach her limit for the outside world. She took a deep calming breath, composing herself once more as she tried not to let him see her weak. "Hmmm.....that is far too easy. No, I decided that ya shall clean up all pranks and any mess that ya have or have not done and we shall also see each other after school tomorrow for detention." she said to him, changing her mind to take away his choices and make him clean up still since it really seemed like he much rather not does it. She rolled her eyes at him calling her old lady, she was not much older than him actually but she resisted to giving a snappy comeback to him as well, knowing she should not stoop to his level. "Alright. Since ya so welling to do as I say let us go." She prompt lead him over to the snack machines, motioning for him to fix them before she was going to lead him to his other pranks to take care of.


Cain Didn't notice anything odd about Tumaini's hand as he felt like his own hand was warmer then normal and might feel a bit clammy though that could just be his imagination as he felt extremely self conscious at the moment. A pink tint was across the Finn's face as they continued to hold hands, making he feel as if they were lovers even if it was just his imagination. "Joo." he confirmed to him, saying yes in finnish as he nodded his head as well, not even realizing that he may not understand what he said to him. Cain actually did not think about where his room was at until his was asked about it. He got a thoughtful look on his face as he hummed slightly. "Joo, my room is up the hall here as well." he spoke to him as he continued to lead him to his room. A smile spreading across his face as he realized that they were going to share a room together, they seemed to be drawing closer to the door. He wanted to tell him now though he felt like he should just surprise him with the results in a little bit. "Ah..Me too! We can still walk together." he felt highly disappointed that Tumaini's hand was gone from his. He felt oddly lonely, his hand was cold from the air that brushed against his skin where another's hand had been in contact with his skin moments ago. "Your welcome...." he whispered softly, letting him walk in front of him a few feet away, watching him as he followed, thinking. "So um....would it be bad if you had to share a room with me?" he finally asked him as they drew closer to their room.

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Cal balked. He'd already made it perfectly clear he wasn't cleaning up. "What part of 'no' did you not understand?" He growled. Pick your battles, son. His fathers words echoed in his mind, but only served to make him more angry. He did pick his battles, and right now, he was picking this one. She couldn't make him do anything. "I'm not arguing this any further. I'll take detention, but I'm not cleaning up. Go ahead and suspend me if you want. Expel me. I'd love that. Hell, I'm not here by choice anyway. I'm only here because the city had nowhere else to put me."

Rosemary finally found her way to the girl's dorm, glad that the crowd had thinned out considerably. She wasn't sure she could take much more exposure. Making her way through the building, she managed to locate the room with the same number as the one she'd been given. She hesitated a moment, then took a deep breath and entered, bracing herself just in case her room mate was already in there.

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Tumaini spun around at Cain's words, his slightly almond shaped gold eyes widening. No amount of practice at distancing people could help him now. In one short instant, he felt as if the distance between himself and this still almost complete stranger vanished into nothing. They shared a room? Not good. This wasn't good at all. How was he supposed to maintain this constant distance now? Forcing the tight-lipped face of distress away, Tumaini flashed a smile. A little timid, and not quite heart-felt, he doubted that he fooled anyone. He just hoped that Cain didn't turn out to be half as meddlesome in his life as the boy seemed he might. "Ah...bad?" he started after a silence of five seconds that felt much longer to him. "Why would it?" He forced another smile before pushing open the door to reveal a standard two-person dorm room with plain walls and furniture. He held the door open, waiting for Cain to enter as well. Nothing to be done about it now anyway. Might as well play nice. "If it's fine though, I'd like the bed by the window. I get ah....cold sometimes..."


Tarja looked up when she heard the faint metallic whir of the door unlocking. It swung open and she turned. Not a jump and a turn, just a simple and calm look in between her task of organizing her books. She made the desk into a perfect study device with neat stacks, pens, and a hovering metal frame shelf on one side containing a mix of medical books and socio-political and history books on their city's system of heroes and villains. "So you're my roommate," she intoned the second the girl entered the doorway. Meeting her eye for a second, Tarja turned back to her task. "I've requested a room change already so we might both end up on our own. However, let's get along until then. You're name?"


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