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Old 12-20-2014, 03:36 PM

A little late in the year, but hey why not.

1st) I joined Mene yesterday at the behest of a friend of mine. I'm really starting to like it.
2nd) Got chocolate milk at a food bank. It was the same brand I'd gotten from school AGES ago. It reminded me of early school days and some fun times.
3rd) A friend on another site gifted me a wish pet and I was stoked!!
4th) I was having a bad day some days ago and my cat came up to me and let out the cutest meew chirup. That sound and her presence really made my day. Later Mene.

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Holly Jolly NFT - Kitsune37's pets - Chicken Smoothie

This cutie was given to me by an awesome person some days ago. Wanted to share him in his xmas attire. ^.^


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