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Slytherin Pride! ^_^
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Keeping this intro post pretty and clean. Gonna post lots of messy stuff in the next one after I reserve a spot for my mule. ^_^
Still working on setting up, but open for posting!

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Chess Piece
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And just because we can only have one thread, I am reserving this space for my mule.
If he gets any love, it will go here. Sorry, Chess Piece, I know I am rarely active on you, don't hate me. -luffles- ^_^

Slytherin Pride! ^_^
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Look at all my lovely adoptables that need clicks. They make me happy.

Pokemon LinksX

^ Poke Heroes profile. I have ones that need clicked in my Party and About Me sections (this will be updated as needed). Working on getting the complete Pokedex on there. It is a great site with tons of things to do on it!

^ Virtuadopt profile. Trying to get clicks in my "Box 1 - Eggs" and my "Box 5 - To Evolve First" sections. I have a list saved in my documents of which Pokemon I am collecting on that one. Some of the art is super adorable while others is not to my tastes.

^ VDex Project profile. Clicks are not required for this site. The pokemon level up over time and through trials. There are a lot of awesome event Pokemon on here. I am trying to complete my Pokedex on here, then release the ones I do not want after completing the Achievements. I have a list in my diary of ones I am currently searching for.

^ Poke Farm profile. The eggs need clicked so I can have space to adopt more. This site has a lot of great event and special type pokemon I am trying to collect. Other than that, I am working on collecting my favorite pokemon.

^ Poke Farm Q profile. This is a new branch of PokeFarm that just recently opened to public testing. So I am trying it out to see what it is like. All eggs need to hatch please.


^ Dragon Cave profile. This is really outdated. I have a lot of catching up to do as I have not really been trying to collect all the types of dragons for a couple years. The fact that they can die is really sad.

^ Tale of Dragons profile. (Head banner is broken atm). This site is a lot better because they do not die. There are a ton of different dragons and types. They are breedable. Any eggs I obtain need clicks to hatch.

Other PetsX

^ World of Umbria profile. Any eggs need clicked. This event has several different types of pets and ways to obtain them. It also has events for every season.

^ Magistream profile. This site has a lot of creatures and many ways to obtain them. However, the gold earning can be very slow and time consuming for the high costs of creatures. A bank option in which interest is obtained daily would be very helpful. Also takes a lot of clicks for the eggs to hatch and the young to grow. I am still trying to collect breeding pairs and the highest lineages.

> [There are several others I could add, but none of those I am very active on.]
> [There are sites like Chickensmoothie, Gothicat, and Eldemore in which do not need clicks, but rather release new pets each month.]

- OPEN -

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