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Welcome to my first book review thread ever, Mene!

About the Host
Welcome ladies, gentlemen and distinguished fellows, to Vermai's first Bookshelf Excursion, this first attempt being a look in the vast and influential work of one H.P Lovecraft, the Father of the more bizarre and thought provoking horror. For all of my Bookshelf Excursions, I will be using a newly purchased or library borrowed eBook that I have only the most basic of knowledge about. Obliviously, great classics like this one will make me more aware of them beforehand, but I promise you to always go into them blind, with the barest of knowledge scrounged up from the books' summary to go on as I start each adventure.

About the Purpose of this Journal
The thing is, I used to be an avid bookworm, but various unpleasant fact of life and my reactions to them brought me to reading little to no actual literature in a long time. That indifference to books I will no longer condone nor tolerate in myself, and so I have decided to start review threads in an attempt to find back my inner bibliophile and to rediscover what I like and do not like in various books that can be found in eBook format. You never know, maybe I'll even look into some physical books at my local library as well sooner than planned!

About what you can do to get involved
I love to share and to learn, so the first and foremost way for you all to get involved is to either comment on my review posts in meaningful ways, suggest other books you think I may enjoy, and/or give out a bit of insight in your own experience with the book discussed... or even books in general! Trivia, relevant news and pledge to look into the current book/story are also most welcome here. :)

The Index of Reviews
The Beast in the Cave - Coming soon!


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