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This character journal is for Ovacinprilcia in the role-play entitled:
Mystika: Revival of the Elementals.


NOTE: All names that appear in posts (excluding this one) belong to those who have been killed by Ovacinprilcia.


Abstract: Humans have always battled the dark. With the advent and invention of numerous light sources, the power of darkness has diminished considerably over the ages. Now, Ovacinprilcia is back with a vengeance.

~*Basic Summary*~

Full Name: Ovacinprilcia
Nickname: Ovacinprilcia
Date of Birth (Age): Unknown (Ancient)
Sex: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Sexual orientation: Unknown
Species: Dark Element

~*Physical Characteristics*~

Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: Fluid
Weight: Fluid
Build: Fluid
Markings: Slivers of red throughout body
Clothing Style: None
Distinguishing Features: Ovacinprilcia's human form has decayed into a fluid-like entity because the power of darkness coursing through its veins.
Animal Form: Raven

~*Personal Life*~

Relationship Status: Unknown
Personality: Cold, antisocial, misunderstood
Likes: Spreading darkness throughout the realm, freezing temperatures, controlling others
Dislikes: Sunlight, Fire, Electricity
Why do you fight: For more darkness in the land

Powers/Skills: Manipulation of shadows
Weaknesses: Light
Weapons: Shadow Slaughter, Night Blindness, Possessing others and bringing them to the dark side


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