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This character journal is for ANN*ETT in the role-play entitled:
The Apocalyptic Pandemic of the Undead.



Abstract: ANN*ETT is a pale young woman with bloodshot hazel eyes and long light blonde locks. Twenty-five years ago, she had been a human embryo, frozen in time on a petri dish by scientists who wanted to know whether they could genetically mutate already-fertilized eggs to manifest parts of other animals. Because this medical research was illegal at the time, all experiments happened behind closed doors. The scientists had transplanted stem cells from various creatures, including a vampire bat, hawk, snake, and tree frog to see what would happen.

Now at age twenty-two, ANN*ETT has grown into her vampiric wings, which are dotted with the red eyes grown from the tree frog cells. She is able to spontaneously grow a skin of serpent scales and hawk feathers when frightened or angered, but that has not happened for eight years. ANN*ETT has always been treated like a daughter by the lead scientist in the laboratory, and she maintains an innocence about the apocalyptic outside world...

~*Basic Summary*~

Full Name: ANN*ETT Specimen # 89062389
Nickname: Annette
Date of Birth (Age): April 1, 2003 (22 years; present time is 2025)
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Species: Hybrid of human, vampire bat, tree frog, cobra, hawk
Occupation: Daughter
Abilities: Flight, Sight in Darkness

~*Physical Characteristics*~

Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Build: Fit
Eyes: Bloodshot Hazel
Hair: Long, straight, light blonde
Skin Color: Pale
Distinguishing Features: Vampire bat wings dotted with red tree frog eyes; serpent skin and hawk feathers when frightened or angered

~*Personal Life*~

Place of Birth: Eisenstadt Laboratory
Birth Order: Unknown
Parents: Father: Dr. Richard Eisenstadt
Siblings: Unknown
Partners: None
Children: None
Relatives: Unknown

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Portrait of ANN*ETT:

ANN*ETT's birthplace:
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ANN*ETT's home:
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