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Old 10-01-2017, 02:17 AM

Are you or have you ever been in a book club?

As a kid I was in the Sweet Valley High Book Club and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club. SVH gave you the full series, starting with book #1, older books that you just couldn't find in stores. Very nice deal! And the Sci Fi & Fantasy club gave you great discounts and dibs on new releases. I miss those days.

Nowadays there are book clubs that surprise you with a random book and send you bookish goodies. I'll tell you about one of them. I was a member of Owl Crate for 1 year, which sends you a brand new hardback young adult novel every month (not of your choosing) along with some random items. In my opinion it was a complete waste of money! Whereas the other book clubs gave you your money's worth and deep discounts on books, Owl Crate charges you more than the books are worth AND the stuff they send you additionally is junk.

I have a whole box full of junk I don't want and can't use. I got a lip gloss one time and a candle that I like, but the things I don't want include jewelry I would have never bought for myself and purposefully mismatched socks. Plus they stock your box with flyers and ads...waste of paper. Out of the entire year I received exactly one book I actually enjoyed, and fortunately the items included were a paper map for the fictional locations in the book and an author's autograph.

Anyway, that subscription cost me over $200. They even told me I got a discount when I accidentally let my subscription renew after the first six months, but instead of 10% off I'm pretty sure they charged me an additional 10%. So...I don't recommend them at all!

If you DO know of a decent, worthwhile book club, please share.

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Old 10-02-2017, 02:10 AM

Interesting. I've never been to or participated in a book club. Do people not meet up to talk about the book anymore?


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