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It snuck through the veins
of the circuit board.
In and out it came,
thoughtless of what it was heading towards.

It was built block by block,
countless hands, hearts, and minds,
kept pushing the hands of the clock,
all fast-forwards, no rewinds.
What we've got now, it still reminds
of those days when we had less--
oh, but for those days we were still blessed.

The spark in the vein is what we chase,
the demons of the past are what we'll face,
as we sift through the sand
fallen through the hourglass into our hands
We'll soon be restored;
the restoration becomes its own reward.

New life from the remains
getting more than you can afford
owning more than you can claim--
all the world, only partially explored.

my very first post ever in 2009 was a poem i had written, so i thought i should post another one. it doesn't feel super finished because i just whipped it out, so i'm open to any constructive criticisms or suggestions for further verses/rhyme scemes. my meter is probably totally whack so i'm ready for it; hit me with your best shot.

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