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It’s me, Aimee! You might recognize Li-Mei from reading the main Avatar Chat rules (which, if you haven’t read yet, I would totally recommend reading them!). But here, you will read about the rules of the Item advice, questions and quick ratings sub-forum.

The Item advice, questions and quick ratings sub-forum is used for temporary threads. Because of this, there is a 10 day cut-off date for threads. This cut-off date is used because like nobody would want his or her thread from half a year ago brought up! The Menewsha Rules, located here apply to this sub-forum and every other forum and sub-forum as well, so you better make sure that you’ve read the rules as well!

Threads regarding comments and rates about a new outfit, questions about items and the layer/the layering system, and asking people to create dream avatars for you (non-permanent threads) belong in this sub-forum. Threads that belong in the main Avatar Chat forum but not the sub-forum include contests and permanent threads. You are free to make multiple threads in the subforum (because threads are archived). However, this is not allowed in the main forum as those threads are permanent.

If you have any other questions about the Avatar Chat forum, please feel free to private message one of our friendly moderators. You will find the list of our current staff members here. And most importantly, don’t forget to stop by my store, Hot Gossip for some kickin’ clothes for your avatar!

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