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lElectricSquirrel: hello!

Originally Posted by lElectricSquirrel View Post
I would like to try a role play with you. A story that explore the darker emotions (jelousy, anger, ect.) of the normal fantasy setting. I am specifically looking for a role play that involves a vampire or a werewolf, or maybe even a witch. Kinda Hoping for a pairing that may involve a police detective. Maybe the two main character could be old friends or have sort of romantic relationship in the past. I am very open to any input you have on my suggestion and plot ideas.
I have two characters (sister and brother) who are part vampire and witch I can use:
Amanda Silvern -
Trevor Silvern -

as well as this character who is a mix of many species:

and I can adjust their character profiles to suit whatever story we come up with

otherwise, I am happy to come up with new original characters as well, just let me know!


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