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Originally Posted by R u b y View Post
haha you do have quite the busy schedule I liked seeing all of your plants btw! Where did you get those Groot planters?!
Haha SO busy! Ohhhh a friend gifted them to me!! They are so cute!!

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Originally Posted by R a n d e h View Post
All good things yes! Didn't you know, I was put on this earth to be a personal taxi to a 10 year old! hahahaha she makes it worth it!
I'm sure the 10 year old is very grateful... you know... when she stops to think about it.

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Originally Posted by R u b y View Post
Yeah, fortunately we were able to go thru the gas company and have it financed by them too, so it wasn't all up front. And there was one day we didn't have anything planned and that's the day they wanted to show up so it worked out perfectly. But man was I tired. They said early in the morning so I stayed up because I was anxious about it anyway. They didn't show up til 2 hours later (found out they were farther away and they weren't the ones who told us the time so it wasn't their fault at all.) And they stayed for 5 hours to get it done, also didn't think it would take that long but they did a good job and knew what they were doing. I napped part of the time they were here and then went to bed right after they left
But yeah, it was a hectic week lol

Oh no sorry to hear you had a mishap! What happened? (unless you don't want to talk about it, that's okay too )
Glad to hear the cost managed to split up a bit, because ouch otherwise. No wonder you were so tired! Also, whoa, it taking up so much time must have meant it was a pretty tricky thing to fix. Good thing you took the rest when you could!

Gosh, regarding my sibling, it's just a bit one bit after the other, so it's hard to pinpoint. What it boils down to is that I've been a little more selfish regarding her - putting up certain boundaries a bit more firmly than I used to do - which is difficult for both of us. For her it very much feels like I'm being self-centered, and for me it's very difficult to keep making the conscience decision to set up a healthy boundary and maintain it. So it's a learning experience for us both, which unfortunately, is not the most fun and good for our sibling relationship.

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