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Hi guys! I originally saved all my "newly created" avatars on my laptop and occasionally uploading it into an album in my profile. But, I now have decided to share it in this thread where anyone can potentially see and probably comment on how I can improve ^_^. Everyone is Welcome.

First Entry:


These avatars are meant to be an entry to an avatar contest found here. But, I can't seem to decided whether to have a pot of gold or should I say a sack of gold on the side. Hmm, I guess I can describe this avatar as a Leprechaun General? ^_^

The Items Used Are:
Jade Ronin
Makin' Better Faces
Pullin' Moar Faces
Cybernaut Interceptor
Springtime Showers
Golden Top o' The Morning Tophat
Luck of the Irish

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Oh no! The pot of gold won't display.. @[email protected] The name of the item is "Clandestine Rogue".

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Update on avatar :'3

Hmm, I originally wanted my avatar to look shocked that someone peeped but I don't have any item to do so . But, I was able to find this peeblo item which I think is kind of funny.

Items Used:
Return to Nature - Boob Protector and Leafy Ego-Booster
At the bottom of the garden... - Tree house - blossoms
Bell Flower - Bell Flower pink upper R corner and Bell Flower upper L corner
Delighted Fawn - skin overlay blush f
Eyes of the Wild - Teal hippocamp eyes
Doin' Time - prison floor tan and prison wall tan
Cozy Afternoon - flowers pink
Pullin' Moar Faces - worried brows (black) and surprised mouth
Peeblo the Imp - Peeblo Cheeky Bum

if there's anyone who might want to improve my avatar, i'll greatly appreciate it hehe .

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Old 08-07-2016, 08:24 AM

Update on Avatar

Yay! A new CI is out called "The Book Keeper". This item is perfect especially when school already had started for many and for me pretty soon. Although I don't look as happy as this avatar does in school, I enjoy being there especially in the library because it's really quiet. There was this time when I was studying and at the same time was very tired. I put together two chairs and turned it into a mini bed . Then, there I was laying and listening to Life of Pi audio book.

Items used are:
The Book Keeper - Wizard Books, Curtain Rope Gold Top R, Curtain Rope Gold Top L, Bookcase Dark Brown, Library Floor Blue, Library Table Dark Brown
Pullin' Moar Faces - Sweetie Eyes (black), Soft Blush
Desktop - Laptop white
Edna Glasses Black
Menewsha Academy Uniform Shirt
Menewsha Academy Uniform Skirt
White Uniform Socks
Black Uniform Shoes

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Update! I'm still using the current August CI "The Book Keeper" but I wanted to change it a bit. I wanted a cozy and snowy avatar but the snow items that I could find made my avatar look like there's snow inside the house . Bummer, so I ended with just a snow design on the roof.

Off topic: I haven't done this before in real life because it's never too cold in Hawaii and there's no snow. Oh! There is but it's like on the tallest mountain at a different island (I wish to climb it one day but it apparently take days before reaching the top). So, I've always imagined on how it would be like and to live at a place where there's snow.

Items that I used:
Panda Headphones
Cozy Afternoon - Window brown front, Blanket pink, hand 01, flowers white
The Book Keeper - Library floor blue, Bookcase dark brown, Wizard books
Clean Teeth - You light up my life L and R
Ship Cabin - Captain table light brown
Doin' Time - prison jumpsuit white
Black Uniform Shoes
Frozen Kingdom - Icicles

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Aloha menewshans!

I recently have been thinking about menewsha and here I am again. Can't believe I can't forget about this website as I am not sure of the reason why. hmmm.

Avatar Update:
Ixion's Children
Delighted Fawn
Return to Nature
Exquisite Lair
Goth Ninja - Bloody Mistress (a)
Valiant Knight Armor (a)

P.S: T__T previous image attachments aren't showing up anymore
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Little birdie ♥

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I love how you save the items that you used to make the avatar. A copy of the Avatar would be good too


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