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Demons n Angels

Your firey eyes and flameing heart id give you my soul i want to be in your life you are my demon and i your angel but we are worlds apart id break my halo and pluck the feathers from my wings without you they dont mean a thing like romeo and juliet a love with gates holding us back im a prisioner of love entraped in the clouds and you are in a hell without me im hell's angel you see and heavens not where i should be and if i could fall gently through the clouds from the heavens to the earth would you be there to catch me as i fall and hold me gently in your arms if our two worlds could collide into one and id be your angel for eternity behind this halo only you and i can see the horns that hold the halo up and a firey passon in my heart that only my demon can hold the key id give you my soul and a heart of gold and yet im not perfect id sure try my best til the day that i die and your angels laid to rest i will <3 you forever my guardian demon my world my sun moon and stars i will always be with you in my dreams as i hug my pillow tight mahal kita sweetie xoxoxo hugs n kisses n good nyt



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