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Old 09-16-2014, 01:04 PM

Dear my past,
So lonesome and cold
With nothing to offer
How you keep your grasp,
Choking me through thoughtless words
Creating a feeling of pain
No one should endure

Dear old friend,
So cruel and wicked
Who aims to harm
Gaining only suffering in return,
Killing me with every glance
Creating tears and thoughts
Only one that understands could have

Dear past child,
So sad and so bullied,
Who never could fight
So sad to see
How you tried to fend
With nothing but your innocence to lose,
Yet you lost it all

Dear what was,
How you torment me,
Memories of what is only torment
If only I could forget!
Then my dreams would be bliss,
My sleep no longer strained

Dear the past,
How I long for your absence,
For you to never be
But what once was,
Though long forgotten by most
Will never be forgotten by me

Dear what was,
How you torture me,
And dear my past,
How I long to die without you.

(Sorry this poem is so awful! >.< My friend and I, who have endured a lot together, wrote these to each other, and I decided to share mine because you know, whatever lol)

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Old 03-29-2015, 03:59 AM

Its always a good thing to write the things down and let go of the hurt and pain. Very good poem


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