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Nooo. Fire on evil stuff is good. Fire on stuff we aren't fighting is baaad.

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Originally Posted by xoxoAngiexoxo View Post
Lol eli did you take a lot of damage

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I always look forward to events and the moving castle thread. Hopefully I have more time to get on during the next event
I hope you do too!!

Originally Posted by TaiyoTsuki View Post
*cackles* The Yuletide Pyromancer shall retuuuuurn!
*coughs* Ahem, sorry about that. I got a little carried away .
ehhhehehehe... *edges back into the fireplace*

Originally Posted by Elirona View Post
Calcifer, are you dressing up for christmas? :p
Of course!

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Made it home for the last 15 minutes of the event XD


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Thanks for playing everyone!


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