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Old 04-07-2008, 05:02 AM

I do not see a thread like this so far, but if there is, just let me know! ^_^

I have gotten this from another site, and I have to say; I have done this, and it really helped me a lot. So maybe it can help some people here! So, here is the general idea:

We've all got feelings that we must vent. Writing letters to people that you feel need a good talking to, or writing down your confessions can help keep you from bottling up all of your emotions. Here's a place to vent off, confess, apologize, etc; by writing letters. Of course none of the letters written and posted here are going to be sent, but I personally think it is a good way to relinquish all that unwanted stress. So have a problem? In a fight? Or do you just need somewhere to vent off? Here is the place to do it.

- Follow all Menewsha rules
- When you write a 'letter' it is not necessary to put a name after Dear, so feel free to leave it blank. [Example: Dear _____,] Also, you can write a letter to ANYONE!
- There have been no problems with this to my knowledge, but please be tolerant of other people here. They have posted to help heal themselves, not to get flamed.
- As said before; do NOT flame any members.
- Post as much as you would like to; just try not to do double posting. The purpose of this thread is to let go of all those bottled up emotions, so it is understandable if a letter can go on and on and on. While it can be long, have in mind that these letters can be short as well. :]

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Dear USF,

Stop being so expensive. :cry:

Crying bitter tears of bitter,

Kuri Chan
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Dear _____,

First off, did it feel good with her? To kiss her again? Two weeks into our new relationship and then lie to me about it for the next three months? Even when I asked you outright, you still said nothing had happened. I knew it was a lie. It was my fault for not walking out on you when I knew it. Then it was my fault for not walking out when you told me about it months later. I hope you feel good curled up next to her. I hope she enjoys paying your way through life like I did. Your truck, your gas, your food, your every need. I should have known that your parents handed you everything when I visited for Christmas, when they provided even the smallest thing for that apartment that we never had. I don't regret what happened, it was my own fault for not seeing how lazy you were. When you refused to go to that interview, I said nothing. When you asked me to pay for your every need, I said nothing and handed them the credit card.

It was the sweet talking that got you out of everything. Every single last thing. Saying how much you wanted to be with me and not her, how much you loved me. Saying that again and again, it meant nothing did it? Thanks _____, I am officially thousands of dollars in debt because of your lazy, submissive, stupid self.

But there again, I blame myself.

My only regret: That I didn't end it sooner.


The One You Lost

Allura Minelle
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Oh, if only this thread was here last year. :/ As of now I've got nothing.

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Dear Mom,
first off, I know you mean well. Please stop with the guilt trip! You did your best to raise us, and beeing a single mom isn't easy. You did well - that my brother didn't turn out the way he should might be partly your fault, but please stop blaming yourself.

All that aside, please stop trying to make me look small and incompetent. I know you "just want to help" when you clean my appartment when you are here, but its just a way of showing me that, in your opinion, I can't do it properly. I'd much rather spend time with you and leave the dishes undone than have you stand in the kitchen when we all just want to settle down for a quiet evening. I'd rather go to the playground with you and my son than vacuum. Really. I think it's soo much more important to spend time together than to have a perfectly clean home.

I know that all grandparents do this, but please stop trying to make me raise my son like you raised us. If I do something differently from you, it doesn't mean your way to do it was wrong. My son is growing up in a different time. He will grow up around computers, they will be normal for him, and I have no intention to hinder him in any way. Our views differ on almost all issues that concern technology, but please understand that things really have changed and I am part of the change - and so is Dorian.

You know that my husband and I are atheists and that we intend to raise our son an atheist. I know this hits you hard because you just converted to catholicism and you are a person that believes in many things. I know it hurts you that you "failed" in my religious upbringing. Let me tell you that you did not. You taught me to always question authority and to have my own thoughts. If I come to a different conclusion than you, it is not to reject you. I know you will try to get Dorian to "see the light", but please respect me in that: I do not want my son to be indoctrinated with religious ideas. I am pretty convinced that there is no god, so please don't go against my believes and try to teach your grandson that there is this guy in the sky whatching him.
I have no problem if you tell him what you believe, as long as you don't claim that it is the truth. You raised me to think for my self, so let me raise my son the way I wish.

I know we always have a bit of a stressfull time when we visit eachother and I know you're just trying to find common ground for talk and a topic that doesn't lead to discussion right away, but my friends families are not the right thing. You seem to think that our family (as broken as it was) was perfect, and every other family needs to be critizised. Some of our best friend share a very close bond with their parents - for you, thats unhealthy and they should be out of the home already. Others move out early - for you, that means the parents didn't löove them enough.
And no, I don't like the recent girlfriend of my husbands brother, and yes I think she isn't the best mom ever, but that doesn't mean social services should take her sons away. I don't wish that on any mother, and as long as I don't see any danger for her kids, I'm not going to "do something about it" like you suggested. I don't like her, but please stop bashing her. Its not nice.

I know you claim to love me as much as you love my brother, but he has always been your favourite. He simply can't do wrong. I'm not going to go deeper into your relationship, even though I think it's pretty unhealthy, but you should really explore this. He is taking what he can get from you and not giving you anything back. You wouldn't let yourself be treated like that by anyone else. Please stand up for yourself like you taught us to.

I know you love me and I love you too - even if we don't get along very well. Whenever we fight, lets keep this in mind.

your daughter

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Old 04-07-2008, 02:08 PM

Dear Stress,

Please go to hell so that I can stop having panic attacks.


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the letter i sent to my bf for valentines day
I remember you telling me that you have never had a valentines day card since u were young so I decided to give u something better, a valentines day letter! In this letter I am going to confess my undying love for you ! First off I want you to know that all of those people who treated you badly or judged you without actually getting to know you missed out on the greatest person I know. You should feel sorry for them that may never know the sergiu that I have grown to love so much. There are so many different parts of you and I love them all. You are my world sergiu, without you my life would be so different. I would go on believing that you had to be something you weren’t just so others would love you. You showed me that those people aren’t worth loving. That I can be myself and that the people that mattered would love me for who I am. I wish that I could tell you with words how much I love you, but I cant. There just arent enough words to describe how I feel. it’s the most unbelievable feeling. One that without you entering my life I may have never felt and im thankful that you have given me that chance. I feel so many emotions when I think about you and sometimes im unsure on how to deal with it, but even in my moments of weakness you help me get through them. When im feeling sad you help cheer me up. When im angry you help calm me down. When im happy its you that got me there in the first place and the best part is you don’t even realize that youre doing it. You don’t see how great of a person you are and you don’t see how great of a person you are making me to be. Even though we are so different in so many ways we are still able to find common ground and that’s amazing to me. When im talking to you its like the world around me disappears and the only thing left is me and you. And for that time if only for a few mins I feel completely calm and comfortable. Like I could just stay right there in that moment forever because I know that it couldn’t get any better than it already is. That if I could just stay there my life would be perfect. When I hear you I get lost in what youre saying because it’s the person who’s saying them that matters the most to me and I try so hard to focus on the words but all I can think about is you. And sometimes I may get quiet because the only thing that is going through my head is how great you are and how lucky I am to have you. You may think that you are lucky to have me, but youre wrong im the lucky one. You saved me from myself sergiu. I was going down the wrong path and you pointed me in the right direction. I owe the life that I have now to you and your support. You showed me a life that I never knew I could have. Not only are u showing it to me but youre sharing it with me. We are no longer just two separate people facing life on our own. We are a couple walking hand in hand defeating everything that stands in our way. I love that about us. The fact that you will always be there for me and I will always be there for you no matter what. I want you to know that you can come to me with anything and it would no longer be your problem it would be ours and we would face it together no matter what it is. I want every part of you the good and the bad. I love how we are able to work all of our problems out. How we listen to each others opinions and we consider them when making our decision. I wish everyone in the world could feel this type of love. Its so incredible that I get to wake up to it every morning and fall asleep with it every night. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such a wonderful gift. I think that God put you here for me. That he knew all along u would be my soul mate. I was born to tell you I love you. Thank you for not giving up on me sergiu. No matter how much I tried to push u away you didn’t budge. You stood strong holding the weight of our relationship on your shoulders. You never gave in. It really means a lot to me. I love you sooo much sweetie and I want you to know that on this valentines day u are not alone. You are very loved and cared about. There isn’t a single moment that passes by that im not thinking of you. I love you sergiu, more than you will ever know and more than I will ever understand.

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Dear Future,

Whats going to happen to me? Will I regret the choices I take? Do I follow my heart or my head?
I want to go on a gap year, mum says no, but I want to so bad. She says it won't benefit me, but Im not looking for benefits or anything, I'm looking at it for me. I want to do something amazing, will I still be saying that in 10 years time or will I actually be doing it?

Only you know that.
Care to tell?

Erathene x

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Dear love,
Why are you such a tease. All I want is someone I can love and you have trouble providing that. I want the lonelyness and hurting to go away and I want to be happy. But sometimes it like its too much to ask. I know I am young and have my life ahead of me, but whats wrong with just one boyfriend between now and then. I want to go to prom with a decient guy, but none of them will go with me. Is this fair, is it right? no. I want at least some love!

Kuri Chan
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Dear ____,

Who do you have to be so rude? My mother needed your help and all you wanted to do was use her. Take her money when you knew she needed it the most. Tell her to do this, and do that. Get up off your lazy bum and do it yourself! You want to tell my mom she has an addiction? Whatever. That is rediculous. You are the one who is addicted to food, I am fat and you are five times my size. You are a smoker, and you smoke like a chimney. And you tell my mother that she needs to quit? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

What kind of person are you anyway? I mean you do not even use your stove because you are scared it with burst into flames and burn the whole apartment complex down. You would not use your washer or dryer that you bought because you were scared they would break?! You are a hypochondriac, and you do it to your kids as well. You have so many illogical fears it is not even funny. I mean, come on, you made you children wear diaper-like things to bed until they were like, thirteen. Boy were you mad when I refused to wear one.

I have been friends with your child since second grade and I can tell you right now, she is screwed for her life. You did it. You are responsible for the outcome of your daughter. She does not know how to live life on her own and she is my age! She is leaving you in less than a year, and I think you want her to be the way she is. I do. So you can keep her right next to your side and use her like a puppet. She cannot do laundry, cook, or anything else on her own. You were so controlling in every aspect of your children's lives. That is why you kicked your son out at sixteen. Because he stood up to you and would no longer take your crap.

And you have the audacity to tell me that I am in an abusive relationship? That this is how it starts? It was a stupid fight. You told my mom to send me to Turning Point?! A battered women's shelter?! There are people who need that spot so much more than I do. I would think as a nurse and care provider you would know that. And you want to say Mark is abusive? Bull. What about Zac? Your darling Zac? One of your son's best friends. What did he do to me? Did he not control every aspect of my life?! Did you think he was abusive? No. So stop sticking your nose where it does not belong.

And then you tell me if I leave I am not welcome back? Fine with me. I hate you anyway. If my mother ever needs help again, she will not go to you. I will not allow it. And I know my stepfather sure as heck will not either. You kicked her out when she needed to be there and needed you the most. And you know what, I am so glad that your youngest is pitching a fit about you kicking my mother out. Deal with it. Because yes, it is your fault. My mother had to come here, thousands of miles away from her son and husband, to get money and you tried to take it form her!

If you ever try to shove another bible in my face, or Jesus down my throat, so help me! Burn in hell! ^_^

Your daughter's best friend,


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@juniper --> nice one! *thumbs up*
This is why I think diaries or journals come in handy... =)

Dear love ,
Oh, you're just so close but so far away at the same time. I'm always quite, too timid to bust in but I'm right there.
I've never really talked to you but the times when we did was probably the smallest thing on your mind and the best thing in my life for me. If we could just start up those one-lined conversations that weren't so truly important at the beginning of the school year than I'd be able to smile at the end of the day again.
Is the saxophone nice? I'd like to hear you play it sometime, and I would like you to hear me sing when the choir goes to the next assembly.
Is this too much of an obsession, or am I just too confused to know?

I admit that I'm too shy to talk to you,

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Old 04-08-2008, 12:56 AM

Dear ______,

Really. Was it that much fun for you to play her like that? I hope you got your jollies, cause one of these days karma is going to sneak up and bite you on the backside. I so hope I am there to see it.

You're just lucky I have to set a good example for a certain person. Otherwise I could promise that there would be bamboo shoots, thumbscrews, baseball bats and red-hot pokers in your near future.

Nobody, and I do mean nobody, has the right to manipulate another person that way. Especially not my best friend. What's worse is that you have gotten her thinking she deserved to be treated that way! You're nothing but a pathetic piece of pond scum with a sadistic bent, and I hope that lightning comes from the heavens and fries you to a pulpy crispy mess, you worthless waste of flesh.

You'll get yours. Maybe not today or tomorrow or this year, but it will happen. And you will deserve every second of the universe's revenge.

Worst wishes,
from Me.

Note - I had to heavily modulate the language here for the sake of Mene's youger members, but I still feel better.

High fives are pretty great!
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Dear bff,
So last night I had a breakthrough. Shortly after talking to my old friend Britny and cousin Amanda...I got to thinking. And I finally realized how you felt each time I admitted to liking you. And after the third time of me telling you, I now know how annoying it was. I don't like you more than a friend anymore (and I'm x294239057029 positive this time!) After last night, it felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I realized that life is actually pretty long and I've got plenty of time to make myself happy. I now understand that nearly all of what I said was out of obsession and puppy love. I'm sorry I put you through that and am only just realizing it now. I do hope we can remain great friends! I think conversation I have with you from now on will be the most casual it has ever been in a long while. And I can't wait to talk to you next. Thanks for putting up with my crazy obsession and other crap, lol. XD


Kuri Chan
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Dear _____,

You are responsible for all the hard times my family went through. Everything was all about you was it not? You did not want to work, you wanted to sit home on your lazy bum and watch television while my mother went out and did all of the work. How many jobs did you have for one week because you said you did not like them. Get used to it! That is life! You are not going to like your job. But I guess you are pretty happy now. Almost fifty and living with your mother. Must be a great life.

That night you and my mother fought for the last time, I was awake. I heard you throw your wedding ring at my mother. I know what you said about me and YOUR son. You are just like every other low life that does not pay child support. I mean, your son does not even want to see you and he is twelve. How does that make you feel? I hope it makes you feel like garbage. Just like you made my mother feel.

After I got home from school the next day, I was glad your dresser was empty, your suitcase gone. I smiled inside because I knew I never had to see you again. But I was wrong was I not? I had to see you. But I was seventeen. Did you like seeing me with another father? I hope you did not. I hope it ate you up inside that my mother, your son, and I were happy. I love him like the father I never had. I did not even know my father, and he was better than you.

So, you sit in Louisiana with your life going nowhere. Oh! I have a great idea! How about you knock up your brother's wife for a fourth time?! To be honest, I am surprised that you are not dead in a ditch somewhere.

Have a nice life,

Your EX-stepdaughter,


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Old 04-08-2008, 11:12 AM

Dear Dad,
Was it your intention to break me? Because if so - you got your wish. Now I'm a stronger person but back then - I wanted to die. And believe me - that was mostly your doing. The mental abuse you put my brother and me through. The horrible parent that you were.
Did you enjoy sitting in your office all day long ignoring us? Did you enjoy sleeping the rest of the day away? Did you enjoy never coming to anything that concerned the family?
Did you enjoy cutting us off? Kicking us out out of the house? Leaving my mother to fend for herself and the three of us with nothing? Because you lost every cent to our name?
Do you enjoy ignoring me? Not paying the child support since day one?
You've tried contacting my brothers - but never me. Is it something about me? I'm your only daughter and yet I dissapoint you?
Sorry I was never into math and science like you. Sorry that I love music more than anything and I'm making that my career.
Sorry to dissapoint you for not becoming exactly like you: a cold hearted asshole concerned only about money.
Sorry I'm breaking free.
I'm finally happy with life.
And you aren't part of it.
You never were and you never will be.
Thank you for leaving. Because if not I'd still be depressed. and if not I'd never have met my wonderful stepfather. So thank you.
I hate you.
Have a good day.

Your daughter.

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Old 04-08-2008, 02:15 PM

Dear _____,

I'm sick of people like you who have everyone fooled and who everyone thinks is so wonderful. Even my little brother thought you were great. Talk about a disappointment.

You knew that I hated you...and then you brought up a situation justifying molesting me...which I didn't even remember. Do you think that's going to make me like you better?!

I'm so glad that my mom finally decided to move out of your house. Do us a favor and don't walk around our new house cutting off our roses anymore. Desperation and stalking really isn't very attractive.

And next time you say hi to me when we pass by each other, I'm going to do more than just hiss at you. I'm pretty sure you don't want the scene so just do yourself a favor and take the hint. Here's one person who doesn't fall for your act, even if everyone else seems to.

Your Ex-Step Daughter,


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Old 04-08-2008, 06:50 PM

another letter

dear "d"(to the only girl i loved)
i really miss talking to you
i am so sorry i never had the power to tell you the truth and now you are gone...
i wished to tell you i love you but i was so afraid
you know how our country is...
bi and gay people aren't accepted so i was sure you are straight...
i don't know how i fell in love with you... your eyes, your hair, your perfume... were just amazing...
i know you were my best friend but i loved you more than this...
when i found out you were ill i was so scared... i tried to make you better.. but i couldn't...
i will never forget the kiss on the cheek you gave me in the hospital and how you said " you are my best friend... i will be with you even if i will be dead"
i loved you... i really did...
after you died... i found this guy.. he is my bf now.. his name is sergiu
i love him... but you are the only girl i loved...
i am so afraid of being alone because i know i am going to miss you more and more now that i have to move somewhere else...
i will have to move with mum... she and dad got divorced...
sergiu will live with me too...
don't be afraid.. i won't forget you...
i still keep all our pictures...
gosh i miss your laugh... i miss you voice and your touch
you were a perfect girl... so kind, so beautiful so peaceful... why did you go and left me so alone?
i could never meet another one like you...
you are unique...
gosh... i still remember how we first met under that tree when you were sad because you lost your ball...
we were so young >.<
5 i guess?
it's been a while since you've gone.. almost 4 years.. but i still miss you...
i am afraid of losing sergiu,too.... i guess you would loved to meet him.. he is a cute guy and he loves me...
do you still remember that night at the party?
i was going to tell you that i love you...
you got drunk and we kissed but i am sure you didn't remember next day
you are the only girl i will ever love, i promise... and you know why? because you are the only person who could know even i was angry or sad... without even showing what i feel... you used to look into my eyes and you just knew...


i love you... i hope to see you someday...


Kuri Chan
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Old 04-08-2008, 08:06 PM

Dear ___,

Why did you do what you did to me? Did you get some sick joy out of it?

You wanted to move with my family and I. And you left me two weeks from being away from home. You still tell me that I should not have told you to do what you want. But what did you want me to do? Make you stay so you could whine until I let you go? You told me you were only going for a few weeks anyway. But I knew it would not happen. I knew you were gone forever.

You told me I was enough for you to be happy, but you lied did you not? Your mother beat you, threw stuff at you and yet you still went back? The reason I knew you were not going to be back was because I knew your mom would not have it. She payed your way back there, but since she hates me with every cell in her body, I knew you were not coming back. So did you, didn't you?

You expected me to put my entire life on hold for you. I was not allowed to go out with friends, I was not allowed to have guys as friends, and I sure as heck could no go hang out with guy friends. Did you really think that was going to happen? And do not even sit there and tell me for a second that you are doing it because you know that is a lie.

And did you really think my parents were going to let you come back after what you had done? Really?

But you did not see that coming did you? What my mother did. You did not see her taking the phone from me as I was sobbing on my bed. You thought you could just make me feel worse yet another time and get your way, did you not?

So it ended, not to begin again. I waited a few months, and I got close to someone else. You did not like that did you? That is why you pulled that heinous stunt? Stabbing yourself in the stomach? And then calling my mother and telling her to have me call you? Why so you can blame it all on me? Because I know that is what you would do.

Then having that stupid boy harass me on MySpace? Really mature.

I guess the thing I am trying to say most is, move on. Be happy with someone and stop staying in that past with every little thing.

Your Ex,


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Old 04-08-2008, 11:27 PM

Dear _______,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what happened between us, how nothing ever happened, and what's happening right now.

You probably never knew, but I was in love with you for practically half a year. Not just a simple crush, but real love-love. I thought about you constantly, just couldn't get you off of my mind. I wanted to just talk with you alone so many times...but I guess we just weren't meant to be.

I was so jealous when that freakingstupidugly girl kept hanging around you...even though I had no claim to you. I was sososo jealous that I'd be in a bad mood the rest of the day whenever I saw her face.

Cause when you finally started to notice me...I'd already moved onto someone else. And now that that someone else and I are don't talk to me anymore.

I hate being ignored, but I guess I can kinda understand. You probably feel like I played ith you...but I just want you to know that really, that's not it. I just couldn't take being so obsessed with someone who didn't notice me, who didn't treat me as if I were anyone special.

Maybe you don't consider me a friend anymore...but to me, you're still one of my best friends. I remember staying online the whole day, just telling you everything, pouring out my feelings. And you listened to me...and that means something more to me than any material gift.

So I thank you for everything you helped me with, everything you did for me, even if it was unknowingly...and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry..for everything.

- </3

Kuri Chan
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Old 04-09-2008, 06:47 AM

Dear _________,

What a way to stab someone in the back. Does it make you feel validated or something? Do you get some kind of sick pleasure from making fun of other people? Making fun of the people who you called friends?

In high school I was...i guess...the "emo" "punk" wannabe? Hmm...I think not. I did not classify myself, I was unique and you know that. As I recall, I did not have a new boyfriend every week, and i was not a whore...unlike some people I know. *cough* I probably had a total of about five boyfriends my whole three years I was at Columbus North...and one when I was at Sulphur High for my senior year.

Obsessed with Dustin?! God no! As I remember, I rather hated him. He was a stuck-up, I am better than you prick.

Well, take a look at me know. The acne? It is gone. The weight? It is dropped. And my status in life? Is so much better than you. Why is this? It is not because I am going to be a piercer or a tattoo artist. It is not because I make more money, or have a better life.

It is because I never bad mouthed you behind your back...and most definably not the way you did me. It is because I am a better person than you. It is even better because even after high school you still act like children.

I strive to make friends with you people and you still look down on me I guess. Well guess what? I am looking down on you from up here.

"And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations, they’re quite aware what they’re going through."
-David Bowie

Have fun stabbing your friends in the back,


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Old 04-09-2008, 11:18 AM

Dear my Friends,

I am extremely glad I met all of you. I love you all more than my siblings, my relatives, and anyone in the world. Sure, my parents are the best in the world and everything, but you guys...just...if I could be left with anyone in the world, it would be with all of you, truethfully. Even if you change, or we part ways forever and never meet again, I will never forget, not a single one of you.

From the Hoolagin, Anna or Kimu.

Crappy Lia
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Old 04-09-2008, 05:32 PM

Dear revy,

I know i sounded like i was joking when i asked you to be my girlfriend. But i just wanted to let you know im serious.
Whenever i say "i love you" i truly mean it. When you though say "i love you" it sounds like yer kidding and just, are joking.
I shouldnt say all these things, i shouldnt actualy love you.
My mom doesnt know that im bisexual, you most probably, dont know that either.
Its been a while since i last talked to you, idk, i think youve been either studying or have been ignoring me.
Let me know if your actually serious? if you actually want to talk to me. Cause sometimes, it seems better to just, idk, break up..?
Pls give me a sign?

Your Lia.

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Dear ______,

I wonder how you like it now? I'm done with you trying to ruin my life, taking away my best friend and my crush. Are you happy now? Let me just say this flat out, you can't be me. I moved, so now there's only you and them at that school. Maybe now you can finally be content with what you have? I never knew why you truly hated me, for all I know, I can't hate you. Is that why?
I'm sorry to say, all the things that you took away from me, I got back. My bff found her way back thank you very much, and so did my crush. I hope you enjoyed your sense of control.


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Dear [insert name here],

So much is going on right now. I feel like I'm losing out on a great friend. Especially since I'm moving away this summer...

I want you to know that I love you very much!! I'll never forget you, and I'll stalk you...even 70 miles away! Haha...

But in all seriousness, you're close to my heart, and always will be. I know at times I'm too serious...cynical...I need to lighten up...and I know at times I tend to be kind of dramatic.

You're always my number one~. As a best friend...and someone I could confide in...

t3h Missa-chan. <3

Mimi Lara
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Dear ____,

How does it feel now? Do you miss me? How did it feel to cut my heart in too an break it....did you really love her? Did you know that even though I love my husband a part of my heart was left with you...? How are you now? Are you alone and suffering, or do you suffer in the light? These tears in my eyes are no longer eyes dried up all those years ago but my heart still breaks when I think what if...?

Did you know you sent me through hell that day...? Did you know I wanted to die...and nearly did? I'm better now...through years of therapy drugs and someone who wont break my heart....a broken heart never heals the same...just remember that next time...just remember some scars never heal...the ones that cut the deepest never leave no matter how hard we try....

Learning to Live,


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