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Old 08-19-2011, 12:28 AM

Happy One Month.
You and I were introduced to each other, a month ago. Exactly.

At the time we had no intentions of -getting together- or possibly, -seeing each other- but look at us now. We're dating. Happy as we can possibly be. You know, Zac. You bring out the best in me. Within the past month of learning about you and getting to know you, I have really fallen for you. I have NEVER been so close to an individual, let alone, comfortable.

You and I have broken our shy-barrier and have progressed together as a couple. I am really thankful that you popped into my life. You have made this entire move to Victoria, all the more worthwhile. I know that the words - i love you - shouldn't be used so early, or so rashly, but I really care strongly for you. : )

Thank you for being so perfect, so wonderful, and so gentleman-like.
I like you,
xoxo Nicole.

Jeddak of Helium
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Old 08-19-2011, 01:57 AM

Dear life in general.

Where did that come form? It was so weird. I haven't thought about that in months. Like months and months. Old memories don't really come up for no reason on me most of the time. Where did that one come from. Good memory I suppose, but... come on. I'm already half dying here. Why would you bring that up? ugh.

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Old 08-19-2011, 03:17 AM


For the longest time I wasn't quite sure where we stood. I was interested but I didn't know what to do and I didn't know where it was going to go. I was pretty sure you were interested too, but I guess neither of us was quite ready to make the next step. Then you kissed me. I've never kissed anyone before, and I guess I can no longer say that I am nineteen and never been kissed. I remember that look in your eyes and I instinctually knowing what came next. I was suprised that you thought I was a good kisser. I just followed your lead and did what felt right. BUT! I'm really happy that we're dating now. This week has been amazing, and I am learning things I didn't know before as we get closer and closer. But I'm scared too. My sister called it the Honeymoon stage, and I can't help but think about when this stage ends. I don't want to lose you. You are such a great guy. I don't want to scare you away. You also suprise me. You make me feel comfortable with things that I thought would frighten me; which is basically any kind of intimacy. You don't pressure me...but then, if you did...just saying. I am not a picky person, I am easy to please, but I am not afraid to speak my mind and stand my ground regardless of the consequences if you do anything I don't like. You seem like you are the same way in that aspect. I like that. I don't want somebody who can't stand on their own two feet. I'm starting to really, really like you. I'll stop babbling now...thank you for finding your way into my life. I am tempted to tell you that 'I love you', but those words are a big deal to me and I am not going to say it carelessly. I want to mean to it. So I'll just say that I like you a lot~

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Old 08-19-2011, 05:30 AM

Dear Richard

I'm very sorry your boy turned out to be... Well if he dumped you he's a douche. I don't mean to be rude, but that's the way I see it. You'll find someone better. I'll pray for it. I know you don't care for such things, but it's my way, and I think you need it. God loves you, even if that prick didn't and he'll find you the right one. Just you wait. You'll be all "John was right, and I'm all happy." Except you won't because you don't know I'm saying this, but still. >.>

I know disappointment really sucks big time, and waiting for someone better sucks even worse, but it'll be worth it in the end. Has been for me. :)

Just hang in there.


Dear world

Please stop being a little bitch to all of my friends at the same time. That is all.

-Also John.

Vix Viral
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Old 08-19-2011, 06:15 AM

Dear World,

Me and John are gonna kick your ass.


The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
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Old 08-19-2011, 09:47 PM

Dear nana,

Please stop dissing my father.
I know he's a douche most of the time, but well, I can't do a damned thing about that. And its putting a lot of EXTRA stress that I totally DO NOT NEED on me to have you saying all these things to me.
I don't want to know about things he did and said, because I remember enough of his bullshit as it is. I'd rather forget it all.

Dear Missouri government....system,

Now this? Are you fucking serious? Do you people have hearts? And also, do you know how to fucking add?!


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Old 08-20-2011, 06:07 AM

I have a few and please forgive me for going on ... :(

Dear ___________ (male)
We were only in 5th grade when you told me you liked me... you where the first boy to tell me that they liked me... I guess i thought that since you where in a lower grade, you were younger than me... but you werent... you were older than me... Im sorry that I rejected you so badly because of our "age", at that age, I thought dating a younger guy gross (and we were in 5th grade). You were always so sweet to me, so kind... and I regret all the nasty things I said... I feel that it is my fault that you are now in drugs and have become a "bad egg" and I wish i hadnt been so immature all those years ago because infact... i did like you... and I tried to email you and apologies when I was older and wiser (grade 9) but you had changed your email and I lost my nerv to contact you.
You have fallen down from so high... You where a smart, mature, highly respectable young man and now you are a rude, backstabbing drug abuser... and I feel like it is my fault...
Jethro (as you now like to be called...) I am so sorry for the shit i put you through....

Dear ex boyfriend

I'm sorry we grew apart and that I stopped saying all the love you's and doing sweet things... I was afraid that since we could not see each other, as I had moved and was now 1hour and a half away from you, that i would get hurt staying in our relationship. I guess my goal was to get you to dislike me as I had grown bored with only watching movies at your place and you not having a job.... I was a B***** to you :( i was so mean and cruel to you but i wasn't sure if i still loved you or not... and i guess it was for the best that we left each other.. but stilll... I love you - loved you - and i will never forget you. I know you picture me a horrible person.... but I hope you are happy now... where ever you are.... :(


Dear _______Girl

you are an ass! Seriously?! what were you thinking?! you where my bestfriend and you ruined it by being stupid >_> and now, because of you, none of our friend want to hang out with me. You think its fair? to take my boyfriend and all my friends and leave me stranded here alone? seriously?! does it make you feel GOOD that you can do this to people? Im on to you and your little games: you just like to feel empowered dont you? You like the fact that our friends are wrapped around your little finger. You like the fact that you can get any guy but heres the thing: your scandalous ways will get you in trouble, one day you will mess with the wrong person and they will come back and haunt you. One day you will wake up and realize how many std you have or that you are pregnant and can't do anything because, guess what? your body is used to the after day pill and does not work for you anymore. But I guess the father wont mind when you tell them that you plan on keeping it (seeing as you are against abortions) that is... if you can figure out who the father is.
I put up with all your stupid activities, and i was trying to help you find a guy you could settle down with but I guess me showing my skills as a leader wasnt too your liking and you had to "show me my place" by doing this.
I hope one day you realize all the things I did for you and what you then did to me.
good luck in life,
and though im not happy now, I do hope you *eventually* realize how stupid you were, find a nice guy and live happily.


there. years of torment off my shoulders.

Jeddak of Helium
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Old 08-21-2011, 10:45 AM

Dear whoever reads this.

I do not care anymore. It's up to fate and God. The world can burn off, and die. Nothing will happen that God doesn't want to. He's controlled my steps from the beginning. That's why the plan has folded and bent around my stupidity. That's why I've found those who needed me, when they did. That's why those who love me, do love me. That's why I am where I am. The world is only what it is, because he wishes it, and that's fine with me. He won't abandon me, and I know it. Regardless of stupid decisions, or mistakes, or any other thing under the sun and moon. The end.

So here's the deal. I'm tired of being screwed with. You're going to knock it off. That's a request from someone who's never had a break. From someone who has to deal with everyone else's crap all the time. From the boy who had no father. From the boy who never knows if he is truly loved by anyone, because everyone always says they love him, until they don't. I've delt with enough. Make something easy for once. For God's sake and name, make something easy, and completely natural. Just this once. Do this for me. To anyone who gives a crap.

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Old 08-21-2011, 01:07 PM

Dear Mom,

I don't even know what to write. You have just made me miserable in the past few years. Your constant drinking and smoking is not help the money problems in our family. For God's sake, you got drunk at 1:30 P.M. yesterday!

You have basically destroyed my self-esteem. I haven't talked to anyone, including teachers, in school for the past to years except for my closest friends. Do you not care how much you have ruined my life? You yell at me, I've cried so much, and I want to say that sometimes I hate your guts. I've tried to resolve things and make it better, but i can't do it myself.

I look at my friends' houses and their families, and I think, "Why can't I live like that?"

Maybe if you would stop spending all of your money on beer and smokes, maybe I could actually get a new backpack for school, or even new jeans.

If you ever care to see this, don't think "I've never done this", because if you look at what my life really looks like right now, I think you'd know you have.

And I love how you just promise me things when you're drunk, and then forget about it and yell at me when I ask you again.

Oh, God, there is SO much more I want to say. but, I seriously don't think I could write everything.

How do I end this off?

I hate you,

Jeddak of Helium
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Old 08-21-2011, 05:58 PM

Dear world.

Seriously? I get to find this out today? So it gets to be even harder? Because why? this is funny or something? I'm suffering and frankly going insane. Just make it stop. :(

Je t'aime toujours.
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Old 08-21-2011, 06:26 PM

Dear _______...

What's happening? Did I do something wrong? Did that kiss mean absolutely nothing to you? Did it turn you away? And why won't you talk to me? You used to always throw in a small and cute hello once a day somewhere. But it seems you've been really buys lately. I really need you right now. You have no idea. Everything's falling apart and I need a hand to hold even though you're a thousand miles away. I love you. <3

Dear Ex Best Friend,

We grew up together. What happened? What happened to how you looked up to me for how much I wasn't afraid to being myself? What happened to "High school won't tear us apart?" 'cause it did tear us apart. I miss you. Just because you get to twirl that baton every Friday night and just because you spend your extra time playing golf with your dad or your preppy friends doesn't mean you can't find time with me. What happened to wanting to spend time with me once my summer job ended on the weekends? Whatever. This time, I won't talk to you until you talk to me. I through with this. Forget it.

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
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Old 08-21-2011, 09:06 PM

Dear John,

Hang on, okay? I know its hard and unfair and painful, but if you can make it, I swear I will make it worth your while.
I feel like we are being punished, but if this doesn't drive us both insane, we will both be stronger in the end.
If there is a bright side to this, its that it has to get better. Somehow, although I'm sure how at the moment.
No matter what happens, you'll always be my angel and I'll never stop loving you.

Forever and always yours,
Christa <3

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Old 08-21-2011, 10:28 PM

Dear __________,
I can't say I hate you because no matter how horribly you treated me in the past I can't hate you. Even after all these years I still find everything about you amazing. Although I hardly know you any more, yet, I still love you. I may even still be in love with you. I just wish I had the courage to tell you rather than just watching you from afar. I just want all these confused feelings to go away.


Vix Viral
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Old 08-22-2011, 12:11 AM


I'm all you have in this world. When she dies, I'll be it. Your family doesn't want you around and yet you continue to punish us for no reason. I'm tired of your abuse. At this point, I just want to escape. I've been seriously considering cutting you out of my life completely. After all, I can find someone else to walk me down the aisle.

Your Daughter


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Old 08-22-2011, 05:48 AM

Dear assface.
I am really getting sick of 'the way you are'. What you do is not acceptable behavior. So a girl from your past starts talking to you on face book - and apparently that's good enough reason to start spieling on about your life to her, even going to the point where you tell her you have a child to someone else - and that you want to pack up and go and live closer to your daughter. I can understand being upset about not being with your daughter and her bein an entire country away, with a mother who pretty much pegged you a sperm donor. But wtf? Since when have you wanted to go and live in Brisbane, you never mentioned this to me once. So what... were you planning on just packing up and leaving?? I also find it funny, that you never mentioned me once, you didn't even correct her, when she asked if you were engaged, instead you completely ignored her. It really puts perspective on the way you feel for me.

She's somewhat pretty i guess, has an awesome bod that's for sure. So of course i'm a tensy bit insecure. But overall i'm just tired of you being so secretive. You are not open and honest, you hide things - If i didn't snoop around i would never know the truth about these matters. What the hell dude come on, she's a chick you dated when you were 18 - you told me yourself she was the only one that you were ever in love with - although she was a user and was a bitch to you. And what you don't expect me to be upset about this, wow... Your a moron.

Just go to her, it's just another thing i'll add to my list of fuck ups. I hate you - you have never once been true to yourself or to another person. Your fake, grow the fuck up and get some balls - be a man for once in your life and sort your shit out. You know what is right and what is wrong, don't pretend to not know and be innocent. You are far from it. You just take what you want, and you give nothing back - your selfish, i hope your happy.

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Vix Viral
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Old 08-22-2011, 07:08 AM


Sometimes I forget the kind of impact that words can have on someone, thank you.

- Vix

There is beauty everywhere.
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Old 08-22-2011, 10:23 AM

Dear Love,

I miss having you in my life.

Can you please come back in, now?

I've always loved you, love.


Algas Soleado
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Old 08-23-2011, 09:51 PM

Dear P,
You can cling to every one of my guy friends. You can take my exes, you can mess with my school friends but there are two people you can't steal from me: Jesus and the man he has planned for me. And I will wait for him because I know I can. Maybe you've seen a lot of things, maybe you think you're better than me. But there is one thing I know you haven't seen and that's the light. And I hope you see it someday, because it is beautiful and He is forgiving.
At least I know that life is always changing and I can look back at our good times without regret. I don't hate you, but you hurt me. And I know now that it wasn't all my fault.
So I hope life treats you well and that you find something worth living for.
Until then,
besa mi culo, puta!

We're all mad here.
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Old 08-23-2011, 11:34 PM


Don't touch me when you have a girlfriend. I don't care if she would "approve" of you poking me in the breasts or groping me when we hang out.
Imagine that this isn't about how /just/ -she- feels. This is about the relationship between you and me. When people touch me in a sexual way, I may not outwardly voice it, but I take it personally. I know that what you think you're doing is "playful" and "fun," but to me it's an action that you don't really mean. If you don't mean to take it anywhere on a sexual level with me then don't touch me sexually, don't touch me at ALL. I don't put out and I don't ask for it. Saying stupid things like "the college freshman girls who are wearing short shorts have me all excited," is NOT an acceptable excuse for your actions towards me.

And perhaps you didn't say it, but when me and Adam got into that fight back in January because I had given you special attention by making you a sugar-free parfait, I got the vibe that you wanted me to back off. So I did.
I did EXACTLY what you were giving the impression for me to do. I let you be. But don't come back around thinking that things are going to be the same between us.
If making you a sugar-free dessert was too intrusive on your relationship then, now I'm DAMN CERTAIN you FONDLING me is a high offense!
I know this was probably going to be the only time we are going to hang out for the rest of the semester, but I'd prefer it if you would just let the facade of you trying to my friend to just die. It's clear you have other interests and aren't too interested in me as a person other than my looks--and consequently my vagina.


Slacker Queen
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Old 08-24-2011, 05:06 PM

It's been exactly a week, and I couldn't be more sure that I absolutely adore you. I'm sure it'll continue to grow - the best relationships start out as excellent friendships. C:


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Old 08-24-2011, 07:40 PM

Dear Boo,

I know that you hurt sometimes because of things that are going on in your life or have happened in the past. But it hurts me when you shut me out for a couple days because of it. I love you. I've told you that time and time again. And you've said the same to me. In fact, you were the first to say it. I will always be here for you and I trust you. You trust me enough to tell me some of your deepest and darkest secrets. But then you go and shut me out for a couple days. I don't know what's going on because you won't tell me. I get one word answers to texts and you don't come over. And it hurts. I know you're hurting...but it hurts me too. I'm patient and stubborn so i'm not one to give up. But please open back up to me soon. I miss you. I miss your hugs and I miss your kisses. I miss you.


Jeddak of Helium
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Old 08-25-2011, 01:54 AM


Please be okay! :( I'm so scared right now. I don't know what to do. I hope this is just some kind of something to do with stress, and you can fix it. Please don't be sick. I can't deal with that right now. :( I can't lose a friend like you. I... :( Please be okay.

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Old 08-25-2011, 07:45 AM

Dear user,

Rot in hell. You bastard. I literally feel like you're a piece of shit. I don't hate you, I'm just quite confuse. I feel used and I dislike that. Don't be surprise if I don't want to associate myself with you. You deserve my silents, asshole.


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Old 08-26-2011, 11:26 PM

Dear Rob,
I don't know how to speak my heart sometimes so i'm writing you this letter.
First of all i'm sorry for all the hurtful things that i have ever said to you, to make you feel less then what you are, that made you doubt yourself, and my love for you. That made you so sad, and so full of hurt and hatred for me. Secondly - and your probably going to be very angry - that i read your diary today. For that i am sorry, but please hear me out.

I have always had this knowing inside of me that sometimes drives me to get to the core of issues. I guess i now know why i've been having dreams of you cheating on me every night. You are fighting an emotional battle, one of your heart and one of your mind. My first initial response to reading what i did... was to be angry. Angry at you for getting back with me, for holding onto me, for making me believe that we would be together for a very long time. Giving me false hopes of a future that you were never sure of. Sure, there is some deep anger for this, it comes with the territory. But mostly it saddened me. That there is this woman, that you want so badly you would go to the end of the world for, and that woman isn't me... And that there is a love like that, and i am the one standing in the way.

Rob, we've always been on shaky ground. I think mostly because we've taken the bad things from our past relationships and brought them into this one. Maybe not purposely, but old habits are hard to kick, yeah?
I have a bad habit of being angered very fast, always wanting things my way, living in the fast lane and never slowing down to admire the view along the way, never accepting that i am wrong, saying i would change but never do. For that i am sorry. I just refused to see that i was in the wrong, and that i had to change. But because i am so stubborn i refused to accept that i am responsible for my own actions, and that 80% of my relationship breakups are because of me.

I don't want to keep you from being happy. I can't. As much as you leaving me would break my heart, i know that if there was someone i cared for that much, i wouldn't want someone else standing in my way. I know you care very much about your integrity, and your lovely in the way that you don't want to hurt me. But you see i'm not like every other girl. I know you haven't acted on it but... Just thinking about you, thinking of this woman, like that - is killing me. And knowing that you have these feelings inside and they're not all just for me, it feels wrong to be with you. You deserve to be happy, you came from a relationship that was toxic, and ours is heading down the same track. But the only way that we could turn this around is if we were devoted to each other solely. And just saying the words won't be enough, we have to really mean it in our hearts. I want someone to love me for me, to have eyes only for me, and even when i'm ugly and old and grey, he could think back over his entire life, and be sure that he made the right decision being with me and had NO regrets growing old with me.

You have never experienced the other side of me, because i have kept that side of me guarded. I'm a coward, i am afraid to let everything go and just be. I can blame my past for that, but since i'm an adult now - i can only blame myself. I don't want this to end, but i don't want to make a fool of myself any longer. So here is your opportunity, if you don't feel i am the right one for you, then you can go, no guilt attached. I have always said that i would never marry someone i didn't love deeply & i never wanted to be with someone who didn't love me just as much. It kills me inside to say this to you, because i do love you deeply, and i feel our relationship could be so much more... But i want you to be happy, because if it were me i would want to be happy. And i don't want to be the reason your always depressed, and i don't want to be the girl who was just not quite enough. I want someone to love me deeply too, and see the world in my eyes, not in someone else's, and not have to lie to me and go behind my back - but something much more then that - to not even want to feel that way inclined at all.

If you think we have a chance, that we can really change if we sit down and talk about what needs to done. Then i have to ask you to cut ties with this woman. To honestly devote yourself to us - and to not be so secretive and reserved anymore. And i will do whatever it is on your terms, that you need me to do. If not, then i guess we have to talk about - how we go our seperate ways.

Rob, i love you - i want to make this work, i just don't know how. I just want you to be happy - not pretend happy, really happy. I want you to talk fondly of me, not other woman. I want you to feel this way for me. And i understand that it may be too late, but i can't keep holding onto someone who doesn't see the way forward with me. And i have to try to fix things before i can honestly say i tryed - but it just wasn't meant to be. I believe in fate, but we are the drivers of our own destiny's.

With all my heart, love and soul.

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
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Old 08-27-2011, 11:55 AM

Dear dreams,
DO NOT do that to me. D:
The first part of that dream was very nice, give me dreams like that in the future, I rather like them. However, switching to something that's like out of a fucking horror movie midway through, that I do not want. Ever. Again. Tends to freak people out when I wake up screaming. -_-
Wtf is going on in my subconscious to create that crazy of a dream mixture, I do not know, but that was seriously disturbing.
Refrain from letting me dream something that messed up in the future please.


You so did not say that. You didn't. If you don't think I won't call you a bitch to your face, you are sadly mistaken. I have no love for you at all and I never have. I'm supposed to respect you just cause you're his sister? Don't make me laugh. He's dead now, and even if he wasn't, I told him myself that you were the sorriest c*nt I know and that for all I care you could burn in hell. I told him that months before he died. And you know what? He didn't disagree. I didn't even get in trouble. Ha. I did apologize for calling you a c word, because I'm a lady and I don't use that word, but you know, my anger issues.... Anyway, I don't have anything to be ashamed of, except for the fact that I'm related to you. And neither does my mother. And lady or not, if you keep talking about my mother, you miserable old shrew, I'm going to kick your bony ass.

P.S. Your granddaughter isn't a tramp, you idiot, she's married. You're supposed to have kids when you're married, its kind of an established tradition. :roll: I don't like her much more than I like you, she's a snotty little moron. But she isn't a tramp. And she never has been.

Regretfully yours,

Please shut up about that before I say something I will regret.

I love you. You're my favorite and you always have been. <3
I'm sorry you're in the hospital, when Meme told me that yesterday I think I probably turned white as snow. XD I'm so glad you're okay, and I hope you can come home today. I'd send you some flowers if I could afford any.

Love, Christa. :)


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