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Art Shop Rules

As always on Menewsha, abide by all rules on site including the main rules, TOS and the rules specified for each forum equally.

--> Double Posting/Bumping
For set up for your shop you are permitted to have and reserve as many posts as you may feel you need. After that though it is not permitted to double post or bump to get your thread up.

If five or more hours have passed and no one has responded after you, you are permitted to post again, as long as it remains on topic.
--> No Page Stretching (Particularly with Images)
For the ease of the layout as well as for those with slower connections keep page stretching to a minimum. If the image is large please limit it to a link or thumbnail (which can be done by adding [thumb] [ /thumb] - without the space; in place of the image tags).
--> No Begging
Begging in any form is not permitted on Menewsha, whether it be for gold or art. If you are looking for quick free art, make a post respectfully requesting for art in a clear and precise manner showing what you are looking for and if you're willing to offer a tip.
--> Plagiarism
Plagiarism is when you claim art that is not your own, and try to sell it. This is an auto ban on Menewsha and will be punished accordingly if anyone is caught doing so.
--> Respect the Artist's Right to Sell
If an artist wishes to only draw avatars, Original Characters or even Magical Ponies that is their right. They are not restricted to one or the other and are allowed to draw what they feel like drawing. Please as a buyer be aware of this and do not give any further pressure on the artist by prodding on his/her reasons if they do not wish to share.

Respect also their rules they set up within their own thread as a courtesy, so they can do the same in your threads.
--> No Real Money Commissions in Art Shops

Real money art shops are not allowed on Menewsha. As a staff, we have no protections in place for users who are scammed by real money commissions, and we do not want to get involved with disputes between artist and buyer. That's out of our jurisdiction. You may, however, direct people to an outside website like DeviantArt or a personal webpage if they inquire about real life commissions or would like to pay you in real money.
--> No Necroing Old Threads
Please do not post in threads over 6 months old. Digging up these old threads is considered necroing, for which you will receive an infraction. When a thread goes that long without being active, it is usually because the artist has moved on. There is no longer an reason to comment on the work or provide feedback. Please note that this applies only to threads created by someone other than yourself, it is perfectly fine (and even encouraged) to revive your own.
--> No Creation of Multiple Art Shops Threads
Please do not create multiple threads in the art shops main forum or subforums. We prefer that you make one thread and stick to it instead of creating multiple shop threads. You may have one shop in the Art Shops main forum, one shop in the Pixel/Other Art forum and one shop in the B&C forum.

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About Auctions

Auctions are always permitted here, but as always there are some rules to abide by under this front as well.

--> No Bid Retracting
If you are unhappy with your bid, please do not retract it unless you have the owner's permission. If you change your mind explain that, but if not do not remove it all together as that is unfair to the seller. Just wait until hopefully someone else outbids you and move on.
--> No editing your bids
Bid smart. Only bid as much as you would like to bid, do not go higher than that and want to back out later if no one else outbids your bid by making the amount smaller.
--> No Sending Bids via Private Messaging
Like in the Exchange we don't want an opportunity for dealing with both public and private bids as no one knows if those private bids are true or false. Keep all bidding within the thread.


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