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Apicula's 2017 Memory Jar

Here I'll be posting about creative goals and the all the weird things that happen
when you live an hour and a half away from the nearest town and everyone you
live and work with is a little odd. This can be an interactive experience, so feel
free to ask questions or just post comments as you feel led.

IN THE MOST RECENT INSTALLMENT: Snow. Geiger Counters. D&D. Seems about right.

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January 19th

Snow. So much snow. I've had it up to Here with snow ("here" being about waist deep in some places). Sometimes it feels like I live in The Shining without the alcoholism, abuse, and ghosts*. If this keeps up they may bar the weekend guests from driving the canyon road. We've had groups snowed in before, which was its own special struggle, but never snowed out. As far as I know that's never actually happened.

When I was walking into work today the way my keys knocked against my plastic keychain sounded pitch perfect for the Pip-Boy Geiger Counter in Fallout 4 and the first thought that popped into my head was how I was going to die of RAD poisoning in this frozen wasteland. Admittedly this thought probably came from the fact I may have gone too hard on my fo4 binge on my days off.

*The no ghost thing is still under debate.

Campaign Update

Worldbuilding for this homebrew D&D campaign I'm working on has been some of the most fun I've had in a while. However, in classic Me style, I may be getting a little Too Deep. I've spent the last hour getting deep into that toponymy (the study of place names) life to get inspiration for city names and while it is endlessly fascinating it has done little to help with my helplessly indecisive nature. Therefore...

Just. Pick some names. Start small. Honestly, knowing the people who want to make up your Adventuring Party they wouldn't even care if you ended up Retconning it later. Which leads us to...

Literally the only thing that's stopping this from starting is your own perfectionism. Remember you're here to have a good time. And maybe lowkey ruin your AP's lives. But, like, in a fun for the whole family sort of way.

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September 26th

Wow so much has happened since January. Too much to get into, really. I'm going to start using this as mainly a place to document things like media I'm consuming, nature adventures, and creative ventures. With maybe some daily anecdotes thrown in for flavor. I don't know.

Today's Nature Adventure
I went on a five mile hike with an almost 600 foot climb in elevation. A fairly moderate hike, but the views out into the surrounding mountain ranges were still breathtaking. I even had to do some light off roading to get to the trailhead, and that's always a good time in my book. Spent some time sitting at the base of a giant sequoia, undisturbed by any other hikers for the entire afternoon. 10/10 would do again.

In the Media
I finished the second half of the first season of the podcast Tanis. This podcast definitely feels like it escalates much faster than Pacific Northwest Stories' other podcast, The Black Tapes, while at the same time... the climax of the first season felt like it could have gone harder. Regardless, it made some great listening for my hike today. Especially since it involves unsolved mysteries located in the woods.

I also watched Netflix's Neo Yokio yesterday and it was better than I expected? It definitely was a parody/love letter to a very specific era/type of anime and it almost had an Abridged Series vibe to a lot of its humor.

The D&D Campaign
So that campaign I mentioned I was working on in January? I finally got a chance to do a first run through with a group this summer. And it was a glorious, hilarious trainwreck due to the players I had in my adventuring party. We played for about 40 hours total and they only got through a small part of it because of all the shenanigans. But my god, what beautiful shenanigans.

Playing with them did accomplish something though. I've since sat down and reevaluated a lot of that first part of the campaign, making changes to the worldbuilding and notes that'll have a lasting impact on the rest of the campaign. The next time I run through this it'll be almost completely different from this first iteration, whiles still maintaining the heart of it. That, and several of our improv side adventures have become actual sidequests I'm keeping because they were too good to get rid of.

This adventuring party will live on in my heart.


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