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"But.. Morgue! C'mon! You can't just.. Not!"

Morgue stopped what he was doing; learning a new little something, I do believe. And he looked at me.

"You can't just spring this on me out of the blue, and expect me to go along with it. I have plans."

"What plans?"

"Plans with the guys."

I pouted, and wrapped my arms around his waist. "Which guys? What are you doing?"

Morgue turned around in my arms, wearing a smile. "Is that jealousy?"

"I- Uh-- No! No, of course it isn't. I'm cool. I don't get jealous. But... Who are you going out with?"

Morgue laughed, and hugged me. "I'm just going out with Creature, Murrugan, Brianna, and Asia."

"Asia? Is that.... wise?"

"And you're not jealous?"

"Well.. Alright, maybe just... A little bit."

Morgue nodded, "And what brought this on?"

" I've seen the show."

"You too? Honestly, just because me and Asia are friends... Listen, (Name), there is nothing going on between me and Asia. We're good friends, and the people in charge of the show think we go nicely together."


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