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Old 05-22-2018, 01:27 AM

Hi everyone, I thought of this fun discussion topic!

Have you watched any movies recently that feature any animal? For example, it could be the main character, or a pet owned by the antagonist, or featured in a painting in the background, or anywhere else in the movie.

And what role do you feel that the animal played in the movie? For example, was it a source of symbolism? A necessary companion for character development? Et cetera.

Please put any spoilers in the [ spoiler ] tags!

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Old 01-14-2023, 08:00 PM

oh this is a fun thread, surprised it never got any activity.

i'm a little less interested in the symbolism of animals, and more interested in how filmmakers get around the challenge of working with a live animal. i like to pay attention to when it's a real animal, when it's an animatronic, or when it's CGI. these days, movies tend towards CGI, but the 90s was a big time for animatronic animals (see: Sabrina the Teenage Witch). and if you notice, most shots of people with a real cat have them holding her still and very securely, or the cat is seen climbing out of their arms to offscreen, and soooometimes they'll have the cat darting really fast across a room or through a soundstage alley. it's just fun to keep track of. also, for a really good movie about live animals in the film industry please watch Nope by Jordan Peele. TW for gore and general spookiness.

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oh and rats/mice are my favorite thing ever in TV shows and movies, they're always such cute Dumbo rats even if the film is going for a dirty grimy sewer rat. and when people handle them, you can usually tell that they had a professional rat wrangler telling them what to do. and sometimes little white micies get to climb all over people's fingers and shoulders, and you can tell when the camera cuts away because a mouse got too excited and tried to climb out really far on an arm and almost fell they're so cute... i mean, they're almost always* played for scares or gags, but i don't care, and neither do the rats

*except for most of Ratatouille

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