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Life Issues Rules & Guidelines

Life issues is a place for users to come when they are having personal problems. This is a way for them to vent and receive advice to help them out. So, if you have an issue that you feel like you need advice, help, or you just want to vent. Go right at it.

  1. Do not necro out of date threads: Please check the last post date in a thread before posting yourself. Life Issues threads are generally time-sensitive, your well-intentioned advice will be wasted in a thread who's situation is no longer current. Persistant thread necroing will result in an infraction.
  2. Individual users are not allowed to create repeat threads for the same issue. You are allowed to make a thread for each issue you have. However, please do not make a thread for each possessive item. Also, You are allowed one thread a day. Circumstance may vary on situation but try not to post a bunch of threads for multiple issues if they can be condensed down into one thread for a collective of them. Common sense still applies here.
  3. Self Help Threads are not allowed. Instead of creating a thread to help a user out. Please go through the threads users have created and help them by posting in there. A larger group of people showing support to a user in their own thread has a larger impact on how a user will recover by knowing they have so many users behind their backs through this hard time.
  4. When having issues with certain users we ask that you leave their name out of the thread due to flaming or harassment they may receive from other users who may know now the whole issue. Some users may also try to make their time on here unpleasant which would result in a warning and or infraction for harassment/flaming.

Guidelines to posting in the Life Issues forum

1: Constructive Criticism - If you cannot offer constructive criticism to another user, do not post at all. Someone in need of emotional sympathy or guidance does not need to hear rude remarks such as "Get over it already."

We do not feel that you should agree with every user's actions, but we kindly request you keep out of a user's thread if you only plan to offer negative input.

Originally Posted by Bad User Example
"You flunked out of school? You must be really stupid!! Haha!"
Originally Posted by Good User Example
"While it's true that you should have been more diligent with your studies, flunking out isn't the end of the world. You can always go back to school, right? Check out your options and see what you can do. Don't give up just yet."

2: Spamming - If a user says, "I have this problem. Have you had it? How did you get through it?", please do not simply say, "I don't know."

Originally Posted by Bad User Examples
"That really sucks."
"I don't know."
Originally Posted by Good User Examples
"I've never experienced the exact problem you're speaking of, but I had something similar. I did this, this and this. Maybe it could help you, too?"

"I don't have any advice for you as this has never happened to me, but I wanted to post and say I'll at least be a sympathetic ear. I feel for you."

3: Flaming/Harassment - If a user is having a problem over something you do not think is important keep in mind that they may be younger, more sensitive, or this is just a major thing for them. If you start to harass them, or flame them, over their issue. You will receive an infraction. You are not required to say anything and rude/harassment/flaming will not be tolerated if you decide to post.

Originally Posted by Bad User Example
"That's it? Are you serious, you are freakin stupid. Shut up and grow up.
Originally Posted by Good User Example
"I have never really had that problem before. I wish you the best of luck with this issue and hope the best for you."

Please remember that Menewshans come here for help, not to be ridiculed. If someone is suicidal, don't tell them to "just do it". If someone is cutting, don't just say, "That's wrong!" Give a reason (gently) why you feel they shouldn't. You may also gently refer them to any relevant crisis counseling hotlines.

If users have questions on these rules, please PM me. Please treat others as you'd like to be treated. Thank you!


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