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Originally Posted by salvete View Post
Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Mr. Wrong!!

It's possible the job will get done even if assigned to a less busy person.
My brother and I went halves on purchasing a 3D printer. The dang thing was taking me a long time to put together, so he extended an offer to an acquaintance of his who already owns a printer to complete its assembly. Well, the guy put it together in about eight hours when he was finally able to stop by.

Then the dang printer wouldn't complete its self-diagnostic test due to some z axis shenanigans. I'm not well-versed on technical jargon. Short story made longer, we had the guy stop by again to see what the heck went wrong.

He labored for a couple of hours in vain when he suggested he be allowed to take it to his house since he had the proper tools there. My brother agreed, and we haven't seen our printer since. I guess this individual is quite the busy guy.

First world problems. *sigh*

The moral of the story is to go ahead and spend the extra money to have the 3D printer assembled when it is shipped.

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If possible yes. How much were you thinking?


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