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Originally Posted by Ferra View Post
Yeah, I feel so spoiled here. XD Every time I try to make a cool tektek avatar for Gaia and then look at what items it would require, I immediately give up. Usually I'd have to get multiples of the same cash item to make things match and the price for just one was quite expensive.
lol, Me too! All the items I wanted for my dream avatars costs a ton, and I end up never completing any of them. Before I quit, I managed to get complete my last dream avatar to roughly about %90...then about a year after I quit, a friend gave me an item that completed it after I gave my entire account to him. XD (the completed avatar was a mule) Let's see how long it'll stay like that before the account gets hacked...

I think I bumped 2000 (or maybe it was 2500...) times one time to get a Lunar Scythe. I remembered what the 5000 bumps was of those feathery Angelic bow thing. I wanted it for the back pose to look angel-y. The 2000/2500 bumps and the 5000 bumps were in the same thread, and you had to start over once you 'cashed in' your bumps, so I'd made a total of either 7000 - 7500 bumps in that one thread. XDDD;;


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