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Mime From Hell
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Old 12-21-2022, 06:51 AM

So, Most of us are probably aware that all major browsers no longer support flash, which is really sad for older flash games.

One solution is to remake games in either HTML5 or using something like Unity.

Is there anyone who is willing to do this for Menewsha's games? Or are they going to be relegated to the history books?

The Serpent Bride

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Old 01-20-2023, 05:35 AM

That would be amazing. It's a little more difficult for people to earn any currency here without them that's for sure.

However, I feel like people should be paid for their labour. Maybe if they take gold or items as payment. Who knows what could happen.

It's nice to see people still invested in this place after so long.

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Old 01-28-2023, 05:32 PM

maybe one day once i've finished teaching myself game design it doesn't hurt to have the idea out there, and i know a lot of people these days working with Unity and putting out cool stuff. as long as we have the visual assets saved externally and people keep inviting their friends here, i don't see it as being impossible.

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Old 07-10-2023, 03:00 AM

I'm going to ask a friend and my husband to see if they can help convert the games into html5 or something. I don't think they'll have much of an issue. I really miss the games, and not just because of the gold grants. I spent so much time on Mad Gallop it's not even funny...


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