Terms Of Service

Welcome to Menewsha.com. By registering with our site and/or accessing our service, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. It is your responsibility to carefully read and understand the following Terms of Service provided to you as it is a legally binding document. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not use Menewsha.com.

All services provided by Menewsha.com are intended for use by individuals who are at least 13 years old or minors under 13 who have prior parental consent. Menewsha.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notification. Changes to these terms and conditions are effective immediately upon posting. By accessing Menewsha.com, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms of Service at all times.


Usage of your Menewsha.com account signifies your understanding that all services provided are provided “as is”. Menewsha.com makes no claim that the services provided will meet your needs or expectations, be timely, error free, or uninterrupted.


Menewsha.com holds your privacy in the highest regard. Please be certain to read information about our Privacy Policy, which is also incorporated into the Menewsha.com Terms of Service. Our Privacy Policy contains information regarding how Menewsha.com collects and distributes your personal information as you use the website.

Individual and General Use:

When using Menewsha.com, you will be subjected to everything located within the Terms of Service in addition to the Menewsha Rules and Guidelines and any other stickies or announcements made anywhere within the website itself.


By using Menewsha.com, you agree NOT to:

  1. "stalk", harass, threaten, verbally abuse, flame, or defraud other Menewsha users or staff members
  2. make available in any form (forum posting, private messaging, image or website linking, etc.) false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually explicit, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any International or United States Federal law (some leniency allowed such as sexually oriented material posted with tact).
  3. purposefully interfere with the goings on of Menewsha.com and any member’s enjoyment thereof, or purposefully posting any provocative statements by sole means of getting emotionally charged responses (also known as “trolling”)
  4. use Menewsha.com at any time for any illegal purpose such as using an auto refresher, FLP, bot, or offsiting for gold and/or pixel items for real money.
  5. impersonate another user or a staff member(from any website) for any reason
  6. interfere with, modify, or disable any security-related feature of Menewsha.com, exploiting glitches for gold/item gain, and/or hacking into the site for any reason
  7. misrepresent the source, identity, or content of information posted by you on Menewsha.com (i.e. plagiarism)
  8. fail to follow through on any payments for purchases made on Menewsha.com
  9. make any unsolicited offers, advertisements, proposals, chain letters, or send junk mail to other members either through the private messaging system or through email
  10. make more than one mule account without permission
  11. share your password with anyone (your account is your sole responsibility, and Menewsha.com will not be held responsible for lost items, postings or any other actions performed by another user on your account. This includes users who log in to your account because you fail to log out of a public or shared computer. It is your responsibility to ensure that your password is secure and strong and not easily obtained by "guessing")
  12. post links to fake login pages, cookie grabbers, and other methods of scamming unsuspecting users
  13. Selling and/or claiming artwork that is not yours

Consequences for Site Violation:

All Menewsha.com members, including staff members, are subject to punishment when found to be in violation of the Terms of Service. Major infractions of prohibited conduct will result in the account(s) of the guilty party to be “banned”, or in other words, the individual will have their whole usage of Menewsha.com permanently revoked for the offending account(s).

Members are permitted to submit an inquiry to the Menewsha staff to [email protected] within sixty (60) days of their ban unless otherwise noted.

Account Termination:

By using Menewsha.com, you agree that your account may be terminated for any reason and at any given time. Menewsha.com also reserves the right to remove, edit or otherwise alter any member’s profile, posts or otherwise any interaction within Menewsha.com.

Account Information:

You agree that the information you provide to Menewsha.com during registration (and at all other times) will be truthful, accurate, current and complete. You also agree to update Menewsha.com with any changes made to your account information throughout your use of Menewsha.com. Menewsha usage is not permitted to any user under the age of 13 without prior parental consent. Parents or guardians are asked to print off, sign and mail in Menewsha.com’s Consent Form before their child’s registration will be activated. Information regarding underage users and COPPA laws can be found there.
If you provide false information on sign up then we are fully within out rights to ban your account.


During your registration process at Menewsha.com, you will be asked to provide a password for your account. Your password should never be shared with anyone for any reason whatsoever, nor will the Menewsha staff ever ask you for your password. You are ultimately responsible for your own account and anything posted from that account. Because of this, it is imperative that you and only you are the sole user of your account. Should a circumstance arise where you feel your account’s security has been compromised, contact a staff member immediately. You may be held fully liable for any damages made to Menewsha.com or the members within it during this time.

Exception to Password Sharing: In many cases users would like to jointly create shops such as breedable pet shops, charities and other projects. If a third account is needed as a “mule” for item/gold storage purposes, we ask that both users together decide on a secure password that differs from any other accounts they normally access, on and off Menewsha.com. Shared accounts are still susceptible to all the rules within the TOS and Menewsha.com, and both users will be held fully responsible for any damages that might occur from misuse.


Menewsha.com is owned and operated by Menewsha.com. The visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, information, computer coding, products, software, services, and all other elements of Menewsha.com, provided by Menewsha.com, including (but not limited to) any artwork, virtual items, Menewsha.com gold, credits or other virtual currency, member accounts or User IDs, are protected by United States copyright, trade dress, patent, and trademark laws, international conventions, and all other relevant intellectual property and proprietary rights and applicable laws. Except as explicitly authorized by Menewsha.com, you agree not to buy, sell, license, distribute, copy, modify, publicly perform or display, transmit, publish, edit, adapt, create derivative works from, or otherwise make any unauthorized or commercial use of the previously mentioned items and terms.

Messaging on Menewsha.com:

You are welcome to post, transmit, or otherwise submit “messages” (text-based ideas, thoughts, chats, etc.) throughout Menewsha.com. Menewsha.com accepts no responsibility for its members’ message postings, nor does it endorse, have control over, or give prior approval to member-submitted messages. By using Menewsha.com, users acknowledge that they may encounter written words or materials posted by other Menewsha.com members or staff that they personally find offensive. Messages submitted throughout the site do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of Menewsha.com. Menewsha.com reserves the right to prevent its members from submitting content, and to edit, restrict or remove the messages posted for any reason and at any given time.

User Respect in Regards to the Menewsha.com Staff:

Menewsha.com is a free site owned by Menewsha.com that is run by a group of volunteer moderators and assistant administrators. The staff does not get paid by monetary means to moderate or otherwise interact on Menewsha.com. To ensure the smooth running of Menewsha.com, the staff enforces all rules set forth by the TOS and within the Menewsha.com forums to the best of their judgment and interpretation.

The staff is indeed human and therefore will occasionally make mistakes. Positive or otherwise constructive criticism is encouraged within Menewsha.com. However, we kindly ask users to respect the staff for the volunteer work they offer the site. Should a user choose to troll, flame, bash, harass or otherwise insult the staff (singularly or as a unit), the staff will not hesitate to ban that user in return. Respect goes both ways, and it will not be given to users who refuse to give it back in return.

Please note that users will never be banned for giving positive/constructive criticism. We fully encourage users to post feedback with their concerns and dislikes equally as much to their appreciations and likes. Criticism is needed for Menewsha.com to grow. However, there is an acute difference between criticism and outright slander, degradation and insult. It's the latter that Menewsha.com takes action on.

Gold System:

Throughout your time on Menewsha.com, you will acquire a fictional currency known as “gold” through posting, playing games, or performing other activities within the site. Gold is used within the world of Menewsha to purchase virtual goods or services that are stored within a member’s account. Gold represents a fictional currency and has no real monetary value. By using Menewsha.com, you agree that the Menewsha staff has the right to manage, modify and/or eliminate your gold as it deems fit, within its sole discretion, and that Menewsha has no liability to you based on its exercise of such rights. Menewsha Staff may moderate any gold-related transactions (whether proposed, pending or past) in cases of actual or suspected fraud. Violations of these terms and/or other rules and regulations within Menewsha.com may result in the offending account(s) and Internet Proxies being banned.

Payment Terms:

By purchasing monthly Contribution Items from Menewsha.com, you agree to fulfill your purchase in its entirety and agree that Menewsha.com reserves the right to collect such payment from your selected payment type (credit card via PayPal, for example). Any users purposefully abusing the Contribution Item system (falsifying payment, not reporting multiple received items, or otherwise abusing the system in any shape or form) may be subjected to a site banning, circumstances depending.

If something should happen after your payment has been made and your payment type is canceled for any reason, contact a Menewsha.com Assistant Administrator immediately, or e-mail [email protected] so that the problem can be dealt with accordingly.

E-Mail Subscriptions:

Upon registering with Menewsha.com you will automatically be entered into our e-mail newsletters and any other site-related e-mails Menewsha.com might send from time to time. To opt out of these messages, simply click on your “My Account” tab, followed by “Settings and Options”, “Edit Options”, and then finally under the “Messaging & Notification” subsection uncheck the box marked “Receive Email from Administrators”.