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How Do I Earn Gold?: A Newbie Gold Earning Guide

The gold system on Menewsha is quite a bit different than most sites you might be familiar with. This guide should cover all those pesky questions you might have about gold earning as well as some tips and tricks to help maximize your gold earning potential without breaking the rules.


Gold is the currency used on Menewsha, and it's earned primarily by posting. You will notice that the amount of gold awarded for each post varies. This is because gold is directly proportional to the amount of text you type. Therefore short responses might give you one or two gold, but posts of several paragraphs might earn you a maximum of twenty gold.

Posting Rules:

STOP! Before posting anywhere in the forums, be sure to read the entire site rules (it won't take long). Breaking a rule might result in your post being deleted, which removes the gold you earned!

Be sure to avoid the following:
  • Bumps/Spam/Begging (short, nonsense replies barely earn you gold anyways)
  • Failure to quote (any copy/pasted work or lyrics must have quote tags)
  • Adding excess images to each post/"flobbing"
  • Copy/Pasting the same message, even if you wrote it

Note: If you do accidentally break the rules, don't panic! :) We're not out to get you. Just hit the "Report" button and we can take care of things for you, no extra hassles. Check out this guide to learn more!

Current Ways to Earn Gold:
  • Post in the forums
  • Editing a post will add gold or subtract it depending on content length
  • Make a thread and get replies (each reply that isn't your own earns you a .1g bonus!)
  • Play games
  • Sell items in the Menewshan Exchange
  • Sell artwork or graphics in the Art Shops Forum
  • Compete in the Contests and Giveaways Forum
  • Win the tri-weekly Admin's Pick outfit contest (1,000g+ prize!)
  • "Like" a Menewsha page on Facebook (max. 2 per day)

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Tips and Tricks:

Get active in the community!

Spell things out
  • Using proper grammar and spelling actually earns you more gold!
  • Write smaller numbers out
  • Use @UserI'mTalkingTo: instead of quoting each of their replies

Sell Artwork
  • Make an Art shop, and sell your wares for some extra gold in the Art Shops Forum
Art Shop Subforums:
Art Auctions - Here you can Auction off your art for gold and items to the highest bidder.
Art Requests - Users are always looking for Artists. In requests, you can pick who you want to draw for!
Art Contests - Try your hand at some art contests! Winners can receive whatever prizes the Contest holder is giving away.
Pixel/Other Art - Are you able to make Pixel dolls? Got some talents at making Banners and Blinkies? Pixel/Other is for you!
Breedables/Changing Pet - Have a cute (or creepy) pet idea? Well versed in the realms of Custom pets? Wander on in!
Art Freebies - You won't receive a steady income of gold, but you can give away free art, and upon the occasion, receive tips!
Use the Exchange Forum and Marketplace to your advantage
  • At the Menewshan Exchange or in the Marketplace you can find any number of deals. Note: You can only have one shop thread in the Exchange forum, so be sure to reserve enough posts!
  • You can find store items (otherwise known as commons) for cheaper than store price.
  • Collecting Monthly Contribution items can be a good investment. Wait for natural inflation to occur, and in time you can sell your items for more than what you bought them for.
  • Sell limited-time event items for gold to users who were not online to participate.
  • You can check high/low/average item values in the Marketplace
(Note: Be careful if using this method. Some users do not like this idea, or those that practice it.)

Donate to Menewsha
  • For every $2.50 you spend, you receive One (1) Monthly collectible item. [Buy them Here]
    These items cannot be found in stores, and are only sold for one month
  • When buying the Monthly items with Real Money, you can sell them for Menewshan Gold in the Exchange Forum or Marketplace
  • Buying a set to keep for yourself will save you from having to buy the items with Menewshan gold

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Q. Where can I buy cheap clothes?

A. Our #1 Newbie Emporium is the best place to pick up a few some cheap duds.

Q. Why is earning gold so difficult?

A. That's really a matter of opinion. Once users are involved in the community, they have no problem gaining gold. On Menewsha, it's expected to earn your gold.

Q. Will there be more ways to earn gold?

A. Yes, new ways to earn gold will be implemented in the future, but for now these are the best ways to go about earning gold.

Q. Do I earn gold from lurking/taking polls?

A. No, and there will never be lurking gold on Menewsha. You are rewarded for being involved in the community, plus allowing lurker gold enables botters.

Q. Why didn't I earn gold from my posts?

A. Were those posts made in the Testing Forum? Since that forum is just for testing and not discussion, gold earning is disabled there.

Q. Why did I lose gold?!

A. If you break a posting rule, your post might be edited or deleted causing your gold to go down. You will be notified if this is the case.

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Useful Links

Official Site Rules & FAQ - A must read!
Menewsha ToS - The Terms of Service of Menewsha
Basic URLs List - An extensive list of links to various parts of the site
Guide to Questing - A guide on how to organize a Quest thread
FAQs - This will answer a lot of your questions

Be sure to read all of the stickies before posting a new thread in the forums!

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